Will MLB’s two-year suspension of Trevor Power affect the NFL’s dealings with Deshaun Watson? – ProFootballTalk 2022-04-30 10:28:00


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Major League Baseball stunned the sports world Friday by suspending Dodgers player Trevor Power for two full seasons, based on allegations of domestic violence. While the facts are quite different, it’s hard not to question whether the extent of the penalty will affect the NFL’s eventual handling of the Browns quarterback. Deshaun Watson.

Bauer was charged with sexual assault that occurred when he allegedly went too far into consensual violent sex during confrontations in April and May 2021. The allegations did not result in any criminal charges. The request for a permanent restraining order was also denied.

This does not prevent MLB from taking action. The association interviewed other women who claimed to have been assaulted by Bauer. One woman accused Power of strangling her to the point of losing consciousness “dozens of times” during a years-long relationship.

Bauer was placed on paid leave last July. He has the right to appeal and intends to exercise it. He has firmly denied any wrongdoing.

The alleged facts are disturbing. More details are available in this item From ESPN.com. The broader point, as it relates to the NFL, is whether Commissioner Roger Goodell will feel compelled to take stronger action against Watson, based on the two-year suspension imposed on Power.

These are fair and appropriate considerations. The entire Personal Conduct Policy is a public relations tool, intended to create a way for the league to take appropriate action against players who do things while out of action and which leads fans and the media to ask, “Why isn’t the league taking appropriate action?” Whether or not the action taken is appropriate is not determined by any formula or calculation but by how fans and media interact with it.

Already, some in the league office are privately calling for harsh action against Watson, who has been accused by 22 women of sexual misconduct during massages. He has not been charged with any crimes, but there are 22 pending lawsuits pending. Some in the league’s office believe Watson should be placed on paid leave until the issues are resolved, with a decision then made on a potential unpaid suspension.

Last month, the commissioner seemed to rule out paid time off, stating that if the league concludes there is enough to justify paid leave, Watson will simply be suspended without pay. For more than a year, there was a feeling in league circles that Watson would be suspended for four to eight games. Last October, for example, Dolphins believed that if they finalized a business deal for Watson after all issues were settled (18 of 22 were ready to be resolved), he would be suspended for six matches.

Bauer’s case requires a fresh look at the question. Those in the league office who think he shouldn’t play until the issues are resolved may also be tempted to push for a tougher suspension, if/when the commissioner decides to enforce it. Can Watson be suspended for a whole year?

It should not be considered impossible. And that might be reason enough for Brown to try to rebuild his bridge Baker Mayfield. With them Trade options dry itThere is still a chance they will need him to play in 2022 – if Watson is eventually suspended all season.