What is the level of sport in the 2022 class of Packers? 2022-05-01 08:53:00


The Green Bay Packers targeted elite athletes early on, made some concessions late on, but otherwise created one of the sport’s most exciting chapters in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Relative Math Score, the remarkable creation of Kent Lee Platte, provides a perfect way to look at potential athletic activity in relation to size. Every team wants bigger, faster and more powerful players. This scale brings everything together into one number on a 10-point sliding scale.

The Packers selected nine players with official scores. Another (Romeo Dobbs) had enough test numbers from a single professional day to set up a RAS.

The average RAS for selecting 10 Packers was 8.18. The Packers selected six players with a RAS above 9.0, including five of the team’s first six selections. Rashid Walker, round seven, did not have a RAS because a knee injury prevented him from the pre-draw test.

player pick or pick RAS
LB Kwai Walker 1.22 9.63
DL Devonty White 1.28 9.60
WR Chrsitian Watson 2.34 9.96
OL Shawn Ryan 3.92 9.35
WR Romeo Dobbs 4.132 8.28u
OL Zack Tom 4.140 9.92
OLB Kingsley Enagbare 5.179 6.26
Q Tariq Carpenter 7.228 9.06
DL Jonathan Ford 7.234 3.53
OT Rashid Walker 7.249 Unavailable
WR Samori Toure 7.258 6.15

Needless to say, this was a very sporty experimental class for the Packers team. The team selected players from the 96th percentile in the first round and then had two of the most athletic potential players in their positions (Christian Watson, Zach Tom) over the next two days.

The Top Pick Quay Walker combines impressive length, elite speed in a 40-yard dash, and a formidable finish in triple cone drills for a player of his size. Selected in the first round, Devonte Wyatt finished in the 99th percentile in a 40-yard dash, a 20-yard and 10-yard split, and a 93rd percentile finish in the three-cone drill at 304 pounds. Each of the first-round picks can really move.

Fatson narrowly became the most athletic receiver ever. He finished the race in the 99th percentile for the wide jump and 10 yards. It’s nothing if not explosive at 6-4.

Tom is an interesting prospect. His RAS level is well above 9.0 whether he’s considered an offensive tackle, offensive goalkeeper or positioning. In the middle, he will be the most athletic player of all time (10.0). Probably the best guarded profiles. Same goes for Sean Rhyan, who had a RAS below 9.0 (but above 8.0) as an offensive tackle, but would likely move inland to guard, as it would be an elite size/athletic prospect.

The Packers acquired Enagbare, a dominant player in the movie but didn’t test well mathematically, in the fifth round. They think he’s more athletic and plays faster than his numbers. Poor agility numbers really killed his grades. We’ll see if his lack of blast and speed in a sharp lunge hurt his NFL career.

Carpenter is an excellent opportunity in terms of size/speed, but was later blocked by Jonathan Ford, the worst athlete in the class. Walker, a graceful offensive tackle standing 6-6, would likely have tested well had it not been for the injury. It does not take into account the final rate of the players. Tori is on the smaller side and has had a poor head split and 10 yards, but his athletic image is strong otherwise.

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