We asked, she told us: This is what you really think about the Pixel Watch 2022-04-29 07:02:55


Pixel watch on the wrist

If you’ve been following tech news lately, you probably know that Google is preparing to launch its first smartwatch. The pixel clock, as it’s now called, isn’t exactly weird, thanks to the many leaks and rumors. We’ve even seen the device Prototype In the wild, she was photographed extensively by someone who found her in a restaurant.

With everything we know about the next Google wearableSo, we asked you, our readers, two questions – what do you think of the Pixel Watch’s design? Are you looking to buy it? Here’s how I answered our surveys.

What do you think of the leaked Pixel Watch design?

Looking to buy a Google Pixel Watch?


It is evident from the pie charts presented above Android salad Readers are very excited about the Google Pixel watch.

Regarding the device’s leaked design, 74.2% of the total 1,346 readers surveyed said they really liked it. 25.7% voted that they absolutely hate it. You can read the comments below to see why some readers are worried about what the Google Watch will look like.

Meanwhile, even though Google hasn’t announced a single detail about the smartwatch, most of the readers polled – 84.56% of 2,221 voters – are looking forward to choosing the device when it launches. 15.4% of respondents said they are not very enthusiastic and do not want to buy the watch, at least not now.

You are from the comments

far place: so fat. It will pick up everything and scratch.

Virginia Miles: I was ready to buy one, but the royal band stopped me.

Chris Pollard 77: Kinda lost me at the special wrist straps. I’m also not sure about that big round glass bulb. It may look cute and feel good, but it kind of seems to suck as far as durability goes. I know the metal casing around the Falster 2 (and the OG Moto 360 before it) has been known to take some good hits without any visible signs of anything. I like this kind of durability.

Scott: The round face makes me nervous about scratching the glass or how the screen protector will work and mesh seamlessly with the watch.

EeZeEpEe: From the pictures, it appears to be worn less than recommended. They usually recommend that it be higher at the wrist and above the wrist bone in order to better monitor the heart rate. However, it looks good and I love it.

JL: I can not wait! It looks and sounds very excellent. I’m no longer worried about the battery and it seems to be gill-loaded with technology. You will definitely buy this. Read every Reddit AMA thread.

grokker: She’s fat. Hope it doesn’t look thick on your wrist, but I have to see it before making a decision. I’m not a fan of proprietary gangs either. I’m really sick of Samsung’s privacy policies (explicitly selling health data to third parties???) and as soon as this becomes available or a Fossil group brand a reasonable Wear OS 3 watch appears, I switch.

EeZeEpEe: It is not mentioned in this article but I read that it is 12.7 mm thick. This is roughly the same as the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle at 12mm and the Fitbit Sense at 12.35mm.

MarshallIt’s just as attractive to me as most other smartwatch designs.

Joe Black: I don’t really care about design, I care about software quality and battery life.
Let’s hope they don’t screw it up.

Setebos: It would be terrible and I love Pixel phones and own a 6 Pro. But knowing Google, there is no way for it to be a good smartwatch. Android Wear is their biggest failure of all time.