Watch Carrie Underwood, Axl Rose perform the classic Guns N’ Roses at Stagecoach 2022-05-01 09:04:12


Carrie Underwood I got an epic surprise in store to make headlines on Saturday at stagecoach festival: Axel Rosewho joined forces with the singer to perform a pair of Guns N’ Roses classics.

After performing the opening segment and chorus of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with her band, Underwood announced Rose to the audience. “Welcome to the greatest night of my life,” exclaimed Underwood, a longtime GNR fan. “Give up Axel Rose!”

After the performance, the band immediately set off for another appetite for destruction Hit, “Paradise City”. “Do you think we’re done?” Underwood told the crowd.

Underwood, who frequently sang “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” earlier in her career, has always been vocal about her love for GNR: During The appearance employment Tonight Show In 2020, she admitted that she abandoned her family after her long tour in order to watch Axl, Slash, Duff, and company in concert.

“It was the kind of dream of my life that I could never have imagined,” Underwood said of meeting GNR. After this show, Underwood actually met Rose backstage. “It is difficult to meet your heroes,” she said, “because I consider him someone who taught me how to sing.” “But he was cool and cool and cute and we talked. And he was best friends.”