Virginia tattoo shop will give you a ‘May’ tattoo for free 2022-05-01 13:02:41


Yellow Bird Tattoo is partnering with Richmond-based Duke’s Mayonnaise to offer free mayonnaise tattoos – for one day only.

The special flash tattoo event will take place on May 13th, according to Instagram account promoting the event. Mayo fans can choose from a selection of over 40 designs tattooed in color or black on their arms and legs.

The designs range from something as simple as a classic heart surrounding “Duke’s” to more creative ideas, like a snail with a bowl of mayonnaise for its crust.

But it can be difficult to make an appointment. According to Duke’s Mayo Tattoos Instagram, all event slots are currently full. Interested customers can still email to be queued in case of cancellation.

And for a price, Mayo fans who missed the show will still be able to get tattoos with some unique designs inked afterwards.

The brand says they want to be “the most tattooed mayo brand in the world”.

“A big thank you to our twang gang, the Duke crew, and our mayonnaise kings and queens who want to paint this amazing devotion and mayonnaise on your body,” said Duke’s Mayonnaise brand. on instagram. “You are the real MVPS.”