Vice President Harris tests positive for coronavirus 2022-04-26 20:28:44


Mrs. Harris was not at the dinner, but her communications director Jamal Simmons attended and subsequently tested positive. The infection of both the Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives means that the first and second succession viruses, respectively, have now contracted the virus in a short time.

Mrs. Harris, 57 years old She received a second booster shot On April 1, three days after federal regulators approved a second dose Vaccine for those over the age of 50. It takes about a week For a dose to strengthen the immune system. Mr. Biden also received a second booster shot. The last time the two were together was on April 18, according to a White House official.

Ms. Harris, who returned from a trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles on Monday, went to her office at the White House on Tuesday morning and took a rapid antigen test as part of the usual protocol for the president and vice president. When she came back positive, she took a PCR test, which also came back positive. At that point, instead of attending the daily intelligence briefing with the president as scheduled, she returned home, where her aides said she would stay until her test result came back negative. Aides said Mr. Biden later called to check on her.

After consulting her doctors, Ms. Harris also started a training course in her press secretary, Baxolvid He said in a tweet. Pfizer’s birth control pills are intended for high-risk patients, and it wasn’t immediately clear if it qualified.

Doug Imhoff, husband of Mrs. Harris, Tested positive virus in mid-March. At the time, Mrs. Harris was forced to back out of an event with the president, though she continued to test negative. Mr. Imhoff told McClatchy News Last week, he was isolated from his wife for 10 days while he was infected, staying in an upstairs room and bringing him food.

The wave of infection in the upper regions of Washington came amid the spread of severe infection sub omicron known as Bachelor 2It was a reminder that the pandemic continues even as officials seek to roll back restrictions.

White House officials said they have been searching for contacts to determine who has been near Ms Harris in recent days. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Define close contact As a person spends at least 15 minutes within six feet of the affected person over a 24 hour period. Officials have repeatedly emphasized that the White House is taking more stringent measures than the CDC advises.