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rob line against. Marlon Vera Great fight! After that, we’re not given much to sink our teeth into, are we?

Friends and fighting fans, this is usually the part where your first friend The Prince of Positivity does the UFC hard and explains how the latest Fight Night show that came out together this weekend is worth your time and attention or how hidden bets there seem to be An illogical assortment that will reveal itself over time.

This time, for all the fighters and all the hardworking people behind the scenes who keep these cards together, I can’t do that.

no doubt that UFC Vegas 53 The main event is still great TV and a must-watch, even with The line has lost more than 2 pounds of weight For a match that had few ratings or contender traces in the loaded bantamweight division to begin with. Vera, currently number 11 in MMA Fighting’s World Rankinghas the chance to jump deep into the top ten, a wall he’s been bumping his head against for years.

The rest of the card is an assortment of veterans (UFC fight #38 for Andrei Arlovsky!), Busy Matches, New & Briefly Deferred Faces Alexander Romanov against. Chase Shermanwhich, while great, is definitely not enough for me to tell you that you have to watch this card from start to finish.

But hey live your life and who knows? A year from now when Tatsuru Taira or Johan Linnes They are household names and key cards you can look up in this article and throw those words back in the face of this casual.

what: UFC Vegas 53

where: UFC APEX in Las Vegas

when: Saturday 30th April. The initial six card starts a fight in ESPN2 and ESPN + at 4 p.m. ET, followed by a six-game main card on ESPN and ESPN + 7 p.m. Eastern time.

Rob Font vs. Marlon Vera

I’m torn at this.

When it comes to mixing martial arts, Marlon Vera has a definite advantage in that he will likely punch you with powerful punches as he suffocates you. But what I like about Rob Font is that I think his best skill, boxing, is better than any of Vera’s tools. And I think Font is good enough all around that he can basically make this match a boxing match.

However, Vera will be happily happy with him and a big concern for Font fans should be whether he can do enough damage to win the fight. Hitting Font simply wasn’t impressive enough to beat him Jose Aldo Although he got better than many exchanges and when it came time for the judges to present their scorecards, they favored the damage done to Aldo and rightly so.

Font will have to find another tool to remind everyone of how he got his top ranking, and that could mean crashing with Vera in the bat, something he’s more than capable of doing. I’m not too concerned about his weight loss just because it’s his first time making this mistake and any concerns about what that means for his focus or preparation are just guesswork.

Look for Font to get ahead early and outrun the always dangerous Vera storm in later rounds. line by decision.

picking Line

Andrei Arlovsky vs. Jake Collier

First, let’s make this clear: This is a legitimate common main event, not just a final battle over a card that is ranked as such by default.

In Andrei Arlovski, you have a former UFC Heavyweight Champion (and yes, I understand that in the eyes of some fans it now fits like Steve Genome the win UFC 3), one of the division’s all-time greats, and a fighter who happens to have been in three straight games and 5-1 in his past six games. On the other side is Jake Collier, who is just plain fun to watch.

Collier always finds ways to surprise and would really raise some eyebrows if he could impose his all-around style on Arlovski. The ageless veteran seems to have a way of neutralizing his opponents’ strategies the moment they enter the cage because they might be annoyed by his magic. But Collier must have had the formula to outsmart him because he brings a combination of movement and size that reminds you that he once competed at 185lbs.

Seriously, look at this:

Despite all of Arlovski’s flaws, he’s rarely blown away by fighters who aren’t in the top 10 as talented as Tom Espinal And Jerzinho Rosenstrwick. If you’re a middle-class heavyweight, you’ll probably make a decision against Arlovski, a decision you’ll have to sweat from. It’s probably smart money in Arlovski’s unexpected streak of wins that ends here, but I have a strange feeling that Collier is being dragged into an unorthodox fight that doesn’t suit him.

This has all the makings of a split call for Arlovsky.

picking Arlovsky

Andre Willi against. jounderson britto

Don’t expect Joanderson Brito to deviate from his strategy of utilizing his amazing style of setting shots, an approach that makes perfect sense given Andre Fili’s reputation as one of the best stand-up fighters in the featherweight division. Britto has some pop, but his amazing vocabulary isn’t as comprehensive as Philly and it would be an easy night for Philly if Britto decided to go all the way to K-1 against him.

Is Philly’s ground game strong enough to survive Preto if the powerful Brazilian knocks him down and starts chipping away at his defenses? Philly has great defensive wrestling, so wrestling shouldn’t be a weakness for him here. He’ll use a heavy game plan and score over and over while the aggressive Briton leaves himself open. This should be fun while it lasts, but I’m actually expecting Philly to get his number one spot in a while, knocking out Preto in round two or three.

picking philly

Jared Gordon against. Grant Dawson

Grant Dawson’s education continues with Jared Gordon, another experienced miller.

Dawson, who turned 28 in February, is entering the heyday of his physical activity and his skills are going well. He’s a force on the ground, with relentless pressure and a pace that’s hard to keep up. Whether he can turn out a resilient opponent like Gordon is another question.

There’s no quitting Gordon and it’ll make Dawson work to beat him. On his feet, he has the speed to frustrate Dawson, which can also strain Dawson and leave him with less gas in the tank in later rounds. In the end, I see Dawson’s size and power as too much to overcome. He would assert himself on the ground and injure Gordon with blows before becoming the first fighter to introduce Gordon.

picking Dawson

Darren Elkins against. Tristan Connelly

Tristan Connelly is all about moving forward and pressing, which seems to play perfectly in Darren Elkins’ “come to me, I’ll answer ten times more” mindset. But I think this is one occasion where this script will not have a positive role in The Damage.

Despite being aggressive, Connelly is also consistent and has the right heart for a late Elkins match. He’s also not a hitter per se and that would work in his favor as he’s less likely to throw all his energy into the non-existent end. Having said that, Elkins could easily decide he would play the bull in this game and take the fight to Connelly at the sound of the opening bell.

These two will swing back and forth for three rounds in a thriller that’s worth seeing as a crowded arena and not a UFC APEX select audience. Connelly gave me the decision because of his sharp hit and also because it’s the least insulting. All this wear and tear should come to Elkins in the end.

picking be mine

Krzysztof Gotko against. Gerald Merchart

Remember what I said about Andrei Arlovsky above? How does he just find ways to win battles that are seldom pretty? This holds true for Krzysztof Jotko, although his spells are arguably less outstanding, even for a middleweight. Honestly, what are the most memorable moments of Jotko’s fights that you can pull off the top of your head? If you say Knockout to him in 59 seconds micro span (Shouting for “Barn Cat”), you liar should have looked for this just as well as I even had to point to this reference.

All this to say that despite perseverance and hard work as Jotko in his nine-year (!) career in the UFC, he should lose to Gerald Merchert on Saturday. Meerschaert is one of the most mentally resilient fighters in MMA and he wouldn’t feel overwhelmed if he couldn’t finish fast or if Jotko colored him with early strikes. GM3 is not here to win decisions anyway.

It’s been a long time since Jotko was forced to click, but I think Meerschaert gets it done. At some point, Jotko will feel some relief, forgo the removal process, and then succumb to one of Meerschaert’s many requests.

picking MERCHART


Alexander Romanov def. Chase Sherman

Daniel Lesserda def. Francisco Figueiredo

Johan Linnes defeated. Gaby Green

Natan Levi def. Mike Bryden

Shana Young def. Gina Mazani

Tatsuru Taira def. Carlos Candelario