UFC Vegas 53: Font vs. Vera – Winners and Losers 2022-05-01 08:00:00


Expect Marlon Vera to climb up the official UFC Bantamweight rankings when promotion matches updates in the days following Saturday. UFC Vegas 53 combat card.

Vera was the No. 8 ranked fighter heading into his main event competition against No. 5 seed Rob Font. Over the course of the 25-minute contest, Vera scored three knockouts while delivering another amount of damage to his opponent’s life. As for Vera, he left the octagon almost the same way he entered, although Font outnumbered him by more than 110 large strokes.

With the victory, Vera racked up a winning streak of three fights and 9-2 in his past 11 matches.

Meanwhile, at the UFC Vegas 53 co-main event, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski scored a decision win. The veteran fighter is now riding a four-fight winning streak, his longest winning streak in the UFC since he went 4-0 between 2014 and 2015.

Read on to find out the winners and losers in UFC Vegas 53.


Marlon Vera: Marlon Vera continued his climb up the bantamweight weight ladder Saturday evening with a win decision via Rob Font. Font beat Vera in each round, but it was Vera who did the most damage throughout his 25-minute scrap.

Vera seemed confident – bordering conceited – throughout the fight. Although Font inflicted an even greater humiliation on him, Vera scored big with three knockouts and a frightening amount of damage.

Vera demonstrated a deep gas tank, mental toughness, and the ability to mix his targets and attacks throughout the entire battle.

After his win, the 29-year-old said it was his desire to take on any of the fighters who ranked from 2 to No. 5. Those guys are TJ Dillashaw, Jose Aldo and Cory Sandhagen.

Andrei Arlovsky: With his split decision to beat Jake Collier, Andrej Arlovsky tied Jim Miller and Donald Cerrone for the most wins in UFC history with 23.

jounderson britto: I was impressed by Joanderson Brito’s aggressiveness in his UFC debut, but pointed That his battle for intelligence and heart disease failed in that January loss To Bell Geo. We don’t know if Brito improved on these shortcomings as he went out and put Andre Fili off the beaten path in less than a minute in an impressive performance in his second fight in the UFC.

Grant Dawson: Grant Dawson extended his undefeated streak to 10 fights by defeating Jared Gordon at UFC Vegas 53. Gordon was the better striker of the two, but Dawson neutralized that deficit by working on his superior wrestling skills. Dawson hasn’t lost since he signed with the UFC and his record with promotion is now 6-0-1 and looks set to contend for a lightweight competition among the top 15.

Darren Elkins against. Tristan Connelly: Darren Elkins fought his UFC contract on Saturday and took his 17th victory in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in a typical fight from Darren Elkins, which means the crowd pleases junk with plenty of violence. The 38-year-old quickly bounced off a TKO December loss To the Swanson Cup.

Krzysztof Gotko: Krzysztof Jotko moved his record over the past three years to 5-1 and did so with relative ease, defeating Gerald Merchart by unanimous decision. Jotko was faster and stronger than Meerschaert during the fight. The hit against Jotko would continue his lack of finishes. has only one stop The Ultimate Fighting Championship came in 2016 against Tamdane McCrory.

Alexander Romanov: Alexander Romanov went 16-0 overall and 5-0 in the UFC on Saturday night and made it look easy. Romanov, who is known for his wrestling, showed those skills in the early moments of the competition as Chase Sherman threw with ease. From there, Romanov showed off his transition-to-ride skills and then moved his opponent to the cage where ground strikes set up the submission, which came in at the 2:11 mark of the first round.

After winning, the 31-year-old said he is ready for the top 15 ranked competition. It’s hard to disagree with Romanov.

Sherman chase: Well, at least Chase Sherman got Decent deal To take the fight – and the beating – of Alexander Romanov.

Francisco Figueiredo: Wow, talk about situational awareness. Daniel Lacerda got a little sloppy while scrambling on the carpet, and Francisco Figueiredo used that break to lock the knee and close the fight 78 seconds after the flyweight competition. Great stuff from Figueiredo, who moved to 2-1 in the UFC with the win.

Gabriel Green: Gabriel Green got a great finish in the second round of his welterweight bout against Johann Lennis. The fight was Green’s first since the decision win in February 2021. Green has shown some improvement since that contest. However, it’s still a work in progress, which he admitted to in his post-fight interview with Michael Bisping. This kind of self-awareness is a plus for any fighter.

Natan Levi against. Mike Bryden: This was a fun battle in which both fighters showed their strengths and weaknesses. Nathan Levy showed good wrestling in the first two clips, but his heart seemed to fail in the early stages of the third round. Mike Bryden showed a lot of heart in the third round by doing everything he could to get the desired finish.

This outing should be a good learning experience for both men.

Shana Young: Shanna Young wasn’t in a good first round opposite Gina Mazani, but she did make a great supporting role.

Young managed the fight around the halfway mark for the second clip. Mazany attempted to get the contest to the mat with a throw, but Mazany did not accept the takedown attempt and rushed into first place. From there, she used her wrestling skills to keep Mazani on the carpet and regain control. As soon as she flattened Mazani, Young did away with the header strikes that ended the fight.

Young made an excellent comeback and showed great ultimate instincts in achieving her first victory in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jason Herzog: Instead of just shouting “leave the fence” or slapping his hand, referee Jason Herzog stopped the action in a Darren Elkins vs Tristan Connelly match to reset the action after Connelly’s fence grab prevented a takedown. It was a great move and more rulers should emulate it.


Rob Font: Rob Font fought well against Marlon Vera, but his size didn’t do much to deter his opponent or influence the judges. What made matters even worse for Font was that even if he defeated Vera, his victory might be tainted because Weighs 2.5 pounds heavy for the competition.

After the defeat, Font is now in the first losing slip of two fights in his career. Expect him to drop out of the top five in the official UFC rankings with this setback. The 34-year-old will have to have a few questions to answer before his next game – which is hopefully a long way off as he needs plenty of time to recover from the blow he took on Saturday night.

Gerald Merchart: Gerald Merchart saw his three-game winning streak come to an end on Saturday when he was overtaken by Krzysztof Gotko. The 34-year-old was slower than his opponent and unable to adapt to Jotko’s approach over the course of the fight. It might be time for Meerschaert to add some wrinkles to his game as he gets old to catch up.

Gina Mazani: Gina Mazani had a solid first-round turn against Shanna Young, but once her takedown attempt in the second round failed, things fell apart for her.

Once Young had Mazazani’s back back, Mazazani seemed to accept the position and the blows his opponent had showered upon her. It looked as if Mazany lost the will to fight once Young assumed a dominant position.

The loss put Mazany into a losing streak. UFC Vegas 53 saw its first fight since May 2021. Mazany did not win Since she defeated Rachel Ostowitz in November 2020. She is now 2-6 in the UFC.

Dean Thomas: While fans were waiting for the UFC Vegas 53 card to start, Dean Thomas from the analyst desk thought maybe Rob Font should get a breather. Comes at a price of 138.5 pounds For a bantamweight main event fight. Michael Chiesa, who also worked in the office, seemed to agree with him.

The line should not get a break. Weight loss should be discarded, but this is a different argument. Font, who is ranked No. 5 in the official UFC bantamide weight ratings, has been fighting at 135 pounds since July 2014. Font and his team know how to hit the 136-pound limit in a no-title fight and signed a contract to compete at this weight class.

The most important function of a professional fighter before the night of the fight is to gain weight. So no, Font shouldn’t be getting a break due to losing weight, especially given the importance of this fight and its place on the card. The only person to be commended here is Marlon Vera who agreed to fight after Font came in strong.