Ubisoft confirms that the leaked Skull and Bones video game is real 2022-04-29 13:53:21


Ubisoft skull and bones It finally seemed to be emerging from the depths of development hell. As I mentioned KotakuTest footage has been leaked online, showing the biggest glimpse into the live-action hacker adventure seen since then. Announced at E3 2017.

In the video, the voiceover explains some basic details of skull and bones. A statistic called “shame” is used to measure how good players are at being a pirate. Players can increase infamy by raiding ships, completing contracts, and finding hidden treasure. Higher levels of shame give players access to more difficult rewards and contracts, and failure will result in some loss of shame.

Players will start out with a humble pirate ship that they can then upgrade with lax materials. The captain’s job is to make sure their ship is stocked with food, water, and ammunition so that it doesn’t run the risk of its crew rebelling due to a lack of supplies.

Ubisoft confirmed that the leaked footage was legitimate Kotaku She will share more details about skull and bones thus. skull and bones Official Twitter account so teased More details about the game will emerge shortly after the leak has been announced.

skull and bones It is developed by Ubisoft Studio in Singapore which is under Investigations into workplace harassment, discriminatory pay, and an ineffective HR department. Earlier this year, the Singaporean authorities Close the investigation Without taking any action, it states that the studio pays its employees fairly and that it handles complaints of harassment appropriately. Other reported issues In the studio as possible causes skull and bones Shipping took a long time, but according to sources I spoke to KotakuThe game could finally start by the end of this year.