Twin brothers vie for the top student spot at Katy High School 2022-04-28 12:00:00


Katie – The tie was officially broken. Arman Saxena was named the valedictorian at Katy High School. His twin brother, Ronak Saxena, is the savior.

The tie was so close that it did not exceed half a point.

Twin brothers Arman and Ronak are seniors at Katy High School.

The two were born just one minute apart.

They have always been close to just about everything.

“Chess competitions, we held competitions in mathematics, and we held competitions in oral reading,” Arman said.

“We have always had the same level of success even in different subjects,” Ronak said.

Their necks and necks were tied up for first place at Katie High School.

“I never expected that we would be as high as us, an outstanding and loyal student, but I thought we would be constrained,” Arman said.

Both of them currently have around 5.0 GPA and are involved in many activities. They even started the school’s only audition team.

But at Katie High School, there can only be one top student.


“They had to look at all the classes we took and who scored higher in those classes,” Arman said.

The brothers say it was never a competition, just a friendly competition.

“If he gets an A on the test, I’ll say, ‘Oh, I need to get that A too,’” Ronak said.

They worked hard and pushed each other and helped each other along the way.

“I would say we have always been very close, fraternal twins are inevitable,” Arman said.

Boys give a lot of credit to their parents for their success.

“My parents always pushed us to do our best,” Ronak said.

“The main goal we have for our children is for them to grow up and become good human beings,” said mother Sarah Saxena.

Father Rohit Saxena said, “We are very proud of what they have done so far, and it is something we are very happy about.”

The two brothers plan to attend Rice University in the fall. Arman plans to study statistics and business, and Ronak wants to major in bioengineering.

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