Tucker Carlson privately mocked Trump and declined a phone call from the ex-chairman of his Fox News show: Report 2022-04-30 22:00:52


  • Tucker Carlson criticized then-President Trump in his prime-time presentation for breaking his campaign promises.
  • The New York Times reported that Carlson ridiculed Trump’s habit of calling for air strikes to be avoided.
  • In one case, Carlson declined a call from Trump, a Fox News employee told the New York Times

Despite promoting Donald Trump’s platform issues on his prime-time TV show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson privately mocked the former president, according to a report from New York times.

Carlson, who has a Top ranking charts With his flaming speeches surrounding immigrationAnd white supremacy And substitution theoryHe has some connection to Trump, although the nature of their relationship is unknown. Carlson has, on occasionand criticized Trump and his policies, despite generally promoting his prime-time presidency.

Carlson also influenced Trump’s decision to endorse J.D. Vance, I mentioned Rolling Stoneand the former president appears regularly on Fox News programmes, including “Hanity”. But The New York Times reported That Carlson criticized Trump for breaking his campaign promises on the air and, on at least one occasion, declined a call from the former president, who called for pre-empting criticism of a foreign policy move.

In private, Mr. Carlson mocked the president’s habit of calling to stave off his air attacks. The New York Times reported.

“Tucker Carlson’s programming embraces diversity of thought and offers different perspectives in an industry where conflicting thought and the search for truth are often overlooked,” Justin Wells, a senior executive producer at Tucker Carlson Tonight told Insider. Tucker Carlson tonight broadcast and Tucker Carlson Originals Documentaries go through a rigorous editing process. We are also proud of our ongoing original reporting at a time when most media professionals amplify only one point of view.”

at Thursday showCarlson criticized the reports in the New York Times, but did not comment on his relationship with Trump.