Trump said in an affidavit that he had no documents requested by the New York attorney general 2022-04-29 12:59:00


In a one-page affidavit signed in court on Friday, Trump wrote, “As far as I know, (1) I do not have any of the documents requested in the December 1, 2021 subpoena in my personal possession; and (2) if there are any documents that respond For a subpoena, I believe it will be in the possession or possession of the Trump Organization. 2. At all relevant times, I have authorized, and continue to authorize, the release of any subpoenaed documents to the Office of the Attorney General.”

The New York attorney general's office says it has almost finished dismantling a Trump doll that is nesting in Russia.

Trump signed the document on April 27, a day after a judge issued a written order in civil contempt and fined him $10,000 a day. The former president has appealed this.

Trump’s lawyer also gave an affidavit that she checked the records and, during the hearing, told the judge that she had gone to Florida to speak with Trump himself.

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