Trump defenders from the Republican Party in the White House are looking forward to a long match with McCarthy and avoiding a fight for now 2022-04-27 19:47:52


Most members of the party’s MAGA faction see few political positives for picking a distracting fight with McCarthy as Republicans remain favored to win the House in the fall, according to GOP sources familiar with their thinking, and prefer to hold onto their potential clout for a speaker race expected later in the day. This year, when they hope to extract major concessions from McCarthy. “Of course,” said a Republican source. “That’s what they plan to do.”

And in a sign of how important their support will be down the road, Republican leaders have worked hard to prosecute members of their right wing — including some marginalized members who once feared they would pose a danger to their colleagues after January. 6, 2021.

Possible concessions they might demand from leadership: appointments to the Bloom Committee, promises to advance their legislative priorities, and a push to prioritize their demands for White House investigations. And if the Republicans win power but a slim majority, McCarthy, The clear competitor in the racehe would have little room for error in a speaker’s vote, and would almost certainly have to move and deal with 218 votes to become the most powerful person in the House of Representatives, giving Republicans enormous leverage over their leader.

“There’s going to be a lot of turns now and then. … It’s not even in May,” said new Representative Peter Meijer of Michigan, one of the 10 Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump for fomenting a rebellion.

But at least on Wednesday morning, there was minimal drama during a closed-door meeting — the first time the House Republican convention has met since the McCarthy controversy last week. Even some Republican lawmakers who have taped McCarthy criticizing have stood up to his defense, according to sources in the hall. In fact, the sharpest arrows during the meeting were directed at House Minority Steve Scalise’s whip of Louisiana, which was recorded saying Rep. Matt Gates’ incendiary speech after Jan. 6 was “probably illegal.” Scales sought to settle matters with the Florida Republican candidate later that day.

Republicans of all stripes walked out of the convention meeting trying to put together a united front and rally around McCarthy, all eager to move beyond January 6th.

“I’m more concerned not about the past, but about the future,” said student Maria Elvira Salazar, the Florida Republican who flipped a Democrat seat.

“No problem. (McCarthy) will be the next speaker,” added Representative Roger Williams, a Texas Republican who came to Congress in 2013.

And Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, who heads the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus and has been deeply involved in efforts to overturn the 2020 election, said Democrats “have nothing. So they’re going to talk about Jan. 6.”

For the once-powerful Liberty bloc, his muted criticism of McCarthy reflects a desire to play the long game, if the party retakes control of the House this fall. Not to mention that Trump – who they still see as their North Star – has indicated publicly that he is unfazed by the leaked audio recordings, which included the GOP leader telling other House Republicans that he intended to advise Trump to resign in the immediate aftermath of the uprising. .

But the Freedom Caucus’s ability to exercise control in the speaker race depends on the margins of the Republican Party. If Republicans return to the House of Representatives with a large majority, potentially 20 or more seats, McCarthy will have more cushion to lose some right-wing votes. But if the Republicans win a slim majority, he may have to cut a deal with those members – which is one reason his allies are poised to spend record sums to build a so-called “ruling majority”.

“McCarthy’s hold is stronger now.”

trump He told the Wall Street Journal, Hours after an audio recording of McCarthy was leaked, he said he and the House minority leader maintain a “very good relationship” and that he viewed the Republican’s pilgrimage from California to Mar-a-Lago and efforts to express his admiration for Trump as “a big compliment, frankly.”

Three people close to Trump said his comments in the magazine are in line with what he said privately about McCarthy, though they added that the episode made the former president feel like he had more power over the House Republican speaker than ever before — and they expect him to. To capitalize on many demands if the Republican Party retakes the House last November, and McCarthy wants to support Trump in a bid for the House speaker.

“He has Trump’s loyalty, and Trump thinks he has more control over McCarthy now,” said a Trump confidant.

One of Trump’s advisers said the former president was not surprised by McCarthy’s taped comments to his House colleagues because he understands they differ both politically and in practice.

“They’re doing really well because Trump knows Kevin is a little bit more of an institution and McCarthy knows Trump has a base he wants to keep in his back pocket,” the Trump adviser said.

The ex-boss “had a million chances to throw Kevin under the bus last year and he didn’t. He was baited and baited and he didn’t take it. I think that speaks to the goodwill that McCarthy really focused on building six weeks ago around January 6th.”

If Trump and his allies end up swaying the speaker race, items on their wish list include better representation on key committees, such as the House Intelligence Committee, as well as in the leadership. They also plan to push for a package of rules that ensures a more open and transparent process for submitting bills to the chamber and voting on amendments.

Some members of the Freedom Caucus have been urging an investigation into Trump’s baseless allegations of voter fraud and the initiation of impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden and his government officials, including Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas. Gates and Representative Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia also pushed for their select committee to investigate unsubstantiated conspiracy theories on Jan. 6.

McCarthy urges GOP to move beyond controversy

Behind closed doors on Wednesday, McCarthy He offered a stern defense of his recorded comments Several sources at the meeting said that this effort was part of an attempt to divert attention before the midterm elections. The sources said McCarthy was received with a standing ovation.

While the broad consensus within the House Republican Party is that McCarthy has emerged largely unscathed from the recent controversy, not all House Republicans have been willing to ignore the stinging tapes.

Gates, a frequent critic of leadership, called McCarthy and Scales “weak men” in a statement Tuesday night after The New York Times reported They were particularly concerned that some important members, including Gates, might incite further violence after January 6. During a heated exchange at Wednesday’s meeting, Gates pressed Scalise to explain his taped comments indicating that Gates was engaging in potentially illegal activity by publicly attacking Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, sources in the Chamber reported.
Scalise responded that there was a lot of information flying after January 6 and was just speculating based on what law enforcement said at the time, adding that he was taking potential threats seriously due to his own experience of being shot in a baseball field during GOP practice. For the 2017 annual charity game. Scalise later asked Gaetz for a one-on-one meeting, where he tried to piece things out and told Gaetz he was sorry if the notes caused him any problems. Sitting Husband was first reported by Politico.

Another member mentioned in one of the tapes, Green, also spoke during the conference-wide meeting, sources said. She demanded an apology from GOP leaders and said hearing what they said on the tape broke her heart. But Green, the newcomer who has sparked her share of controversy, blamed the media for misrepresenting people’s words.

Green, who accompanied McCarthy on a recent border trip, went on to thank him and his lawyer for trying to get her personal Twitter account back after it was permanently suspended — a notable turn of events, given that McCarthy requested it after January. 6 If the Twitter accounts of some controversial Republicans could be pulled.

When pressed about whether he had concerns about those comments from McCarthy, Representative Andy Bigs of Arizona, a former chair of the Freedom Group, told CNN: “Heck, yeah.” He also told OAN that the reports were “problematic” and created a “huge trust issue” for him.

But even as some members privately resented McCarthy’s comments, the Freedom Caucus didn’t even discuss the minority leader during its weekly meeting Tuesday night, sources in the room said — a sign that the controversial group is content to bring up the issue. , at least for now.

“We’re more united than ever under McCarthy,” said Representative Randy Webber, a Texas Republican and member of the House Liberty Caucus.