Tropicana wants you to pour orange juice on the cereal 2022-04-30 11:55:21


Tropicana Crunch, a honey and almond crunchy cereal, will be available from May 4th, which is also happening National Orange Juice Day.
Sales of orange juice soared during the pandemic
“Prepare your brain and cereal bowl for an unforgettable breakfast experience,” says the juice company on its website website.

Cereal box features a smiling orange holding a spoon and orange juice poured into a bowl of almond kernels. It also comes with a paper straw.

Tropicana acknowledges that the combination of cereal and orange juice may not suit everyone, but says it’s worth a try.

“Because whether you hate it or love it, you won’t know until you try it,” Tropicana says. “It might not be for everyone (but it might be for you!)”.

It’s unclear if Tropicana Crunch will be a temporary show or a mainstay in the grain aisle. But it’s not the company’s first eccentric offering.

In November, Tropicana unveiled a Limited Edition Toothpaste I promised not to spoil the taste of OJ.