Three options? Messages detail conversations between Bo Rothwell, a lover that led to the murder of a pregnant wife 2022-04-27 22:23:04


St. LEWS, Missouri (KMOV) – The trial of Bo Rothwell, the St. Louis County man accused of killing his pregnant wife, entered day two on Wednesday.

In 2019, 29-year-old Bo Rothwell was charged with the murder of his six-week-old pregnant wife Jennifer Rothwell. The couple started dating while studying at the University of Missouri Columbia and moved to the St. Louis area for work. They later married in 2015. Four years later, Bo Rothwell reported his wife’s disappearance on November 12, claiming that he last saw her leave their Northwinds Drive home that morning.

Inside St. Louis County Court on Wednesday, Attorney General Thomas Smith echoed his evidence. Smith summoned St. Louis County homicide detective Robert Bates to the stand. Bates was involved in the early stages of the investigation and the missing person’s report. When Bates answered questions, Smith positioned himself at the edge of the jury platform and inches from the stands filled with the Bo Rothwell family.

the other woman

In order to obtain secured cell phone data from T-Mobile through a search warrant, the call log showed several calls from Jennifer Rothwell’s phone to Beau Rothwell’s phone on November 12. At 7:29 pm, records show that Beau Rothwell called his late wife. Smith alleges that Jennifer Rothwell was murdered during the night hours on November 11.

The data also showed that Beau Rothwell made repeated calls to an unknown number. Investigators later determined that the figure belonged to a woman with whom Bo Rothwell had an affair. Bates said the woman came forward after seeing news reports about Jennifer Rothwell’s disappearance. Smith hinted that the woman had provided investigators with tempting messages, sent via Facebook Messenger, between her and Beau Rothwell, spanning months — including conversations on the day his wife was murdered.

During his testimony, a 9-year veteran of murders read letters between lovers. Under a Facebook account named Chef Beaurdee, Beau Rothwell ended things with an unidentified woman on October 27 after learning about Jennifer Rothwell’s pregnancy.

Bo Rothwell wrote, “I thought I’d have the courage to move forward with a divorce now.” When his lover asked him how long he thought about getting a divorce, Poe estimated about two to three months.

Despite agreeing to end the relationship, the duo still communicated often. When the jury heard the details of the romance, Poe fiddled with his tie before staring straight at the wall.

Smith focused on four important dates: October 29, October 30, November 3, and November 4. On October 29, Bo Rothwell admitted that he broke off the relationship due to the pregnancy announcement.

“I can’t focus or do anything productive. There is one big thing I have to tell you.”

“I’m in a panic lol”

“Jennifer took a pregnancy test, and the result was positive.”

“I want to be with you instead. I don’t have [expletive] A guide to what to do.

Beau repeatedly tapped his pen in court as he listened to the letters being read.

“Believe me, that’s not what I want. I feel horrible inside, me [expletive] Mess. “I feel trapped,” he wrote.

The next day, Bo Rothwell wrote that “a part of him wants this pregnancy not to work.” He then reportedly outlined three possible scenarios for his future with his lover:

Option #1: Say goodbye and move on

Option number 2: Tell Jennifer that he was in an affair and wants a divorce. However, he wrote that this scenario would be financially draining with juggling a child and trying to start a new life.

Option #3: Wait and see how the pregnancy goes. He said he would leave if I miscarried or something else happened.

Messages between the couple confirmed that they met and had sex on November 3.

On November 4, Jennifer Rothwell was visiting websites and forums titled “Husband Doesn’t Care About Getting Pregnant. What Should I Expect?” The prosecution attorney argued that Beau was discussing that he planned to choose Option 3 in regards to his future.

The jury consists of five white men, one black man, and six white women. News 4 is in the courtroom and will update this story after the afternoon testimony and cross-examination of witnesses Wednesday.