The winners and losers of the 2022 NFL Championship first round: The Giants and Jets add major talent, and a tough day for Malik Willis and QBS 2022-04-29 08:10:00


First round of 2022 NFL Project Thursday night was more dramatic than most people had expected. After the first 10 picks, things really started to go crazy. We saw that we had three deals in a row at No. 11, 12 and 13 Marquis Brown dealt from Baltimore Ravens to me Arizona Cardinals and then, AJ Brown traded from Tennessee Titans to me Philadelphia Eagles!

Wide receivers were the biggest headline in NFL This is out of season, and the trend has continued in the draft. A total of six were selected, and two were traded. The night was full of surprises and full of winners and losers. Below, we’ll detail four of each.

Winner: New York Teams

The New York Giants And New York Jets They’re not seen as two of the best teams in the NFL, and both have made questionable draft decisions in the past. But that was not the case on Thursday night. In his first draft as General Manager of the Giants, Joe Shuen landed the Oregon Pass kefon tebodo At No. 5 overall, then Alabama’s offensive line Evan Neal With general selection number 7.

Thibodeaux was considered the #1 overall pick in phantom drafts during college football season. While that narrative changed as we approached the draft, he was still seen as one of the best players in the class. Having him in fifth place overall is good value, all things considered, and the Giants again scored in value in seventh, considering who could be the safest player in the draft in Neil. It is a beginner for the first day with great variety. CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco gave the Picks the Giants a grade of “A” (Check out our tracker with scores for each selection here).

As for the planes, it was probably the first round winner. They scored Cornerback Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner fourth overall, then a broad reception by Ohio State. Garrett Wilson In tenth place, both were considered by many to be the best players in their positions, and both would be players with instant impact.

However, the Jets were not finished there, as they traded back in the first round to pick Jermaine Johnson, the Florida state pass-maker. This was a dummy player for the draft experts in the top ten, some of them in the top five. As he continued his mysterious fall into the blackened slates, the planes could not help but squeeze in the end to pick him up. What a return to these two teams in New York.

Jackson lost the No. 1 wide receiver Thursday night to the Hollywood Browns, who traded to the Cardinals. This depth scheme looks very weak in the receiver, like Rashid Bateman And Devin DuVernay They are probably now the best of two men. Baltimore coined the safety of Notre Dame Kyle Hamilton The Iowa Center Tyler Linderbaum In the first round, but apparently Jackson was still berserk.

Remember that it is due to be extended. Will he be playing football elsewhere in the near future?

Winner: Arizona Cardinals

I’ve already seen several of my teammates call the Cardinals “losers” for dropping the Browns’ first-round pick, but I don’t agree. I think he’s a better playmaker in the Arizona system. In addition, he has a relationship with Keeler Murray.

Brown leaves the midfielder who is due to be extended, and teams up with another player. The Cardinals bought themselves some time by picking Murray’s fifth-year choice this week, then reunited him with his broad top from Ole Oklahoma days that helped him win the Heisman Award.

Back in 2018, Brown had 75 passes for 1,318 yards and 10 touchdowns for the Sooners, and he used that big season to be a first-round pick in 2019 NFL Project. Now, players have been reunited in a fun offensive devised by Kliff Kingsbury. They should make each other better, and it might be a move that helps Murray stay in Arizona.

Loser: Tennessee Titans

Arkansas wide reception Trillon pyrex It was a crush for many Titans fans this year, and the front office went out and got it. However, this win was overshadowed by the fact that Tennessee handled a star-level receiver and fan favorite AJ Brown to the Eagles.

Receiver position was a need for the Titans, and with the addition of Burks and trading away from Brown, there is still a need. You could argue that Brown isn’t worth the first four WR money, but that’s where the market is. Plus, was Brown worthy of picking only the first and third round?

The Titans then had the opportunity to try to finish the night on a high by picking up 26th overall. But instead, they sent that third-round selection and selection to the Jets for second-round pick, third-round pick and fifth-round pick. Mike Frabel said Thursday night that Tennessee “goed to the extreme” to keep Brown in Nashville. We don’t know what “extremism” is, but that comes down to the money. It also doesn’t sound too good that Brown told Titans fans on their way out that none of this was the case. his fault.

The Titans are not official “losers” in the 2022 NFL draft, as there are many choices to be made. But she’s definitely one of those NFL fan bases that will wake up on Good Friday morning.

Winner: Eagles and AJ Brown

The Titans lost their main offensive weapon and the Eagles got one. Immediately after it was traded, Philly gave Brown a four-year $100 million deal that included a guaranteed $57 million, per ESPN. AAV’s $25 million net worth makes Brown the fourth highest paid recipient in the NFL. This makes Brown a winner, because he got the money he was striving for.

The Eagles were a team that would be expected to be in a mix with a receiver in the first round, but the entire depth scheme is filled with youngsters in this position. It makes sense to throw a sack at a locally known hitter who can help Galen Hurts. This move instantly makes them better, and they crafted Jordan Davis At number 13 overall, he is just as huge as he is talented. he and Fletcher Cox In the middle of the defensive line should make running the ball very difficult for opponents.

Loser: the midfielders

Most people were expecting to pick three quarterbacks in the first round. no. We have one. The single caller ranked 20th overall, as Pittsburgh Steelers I decided to keep it Kenny Beckett in the city. What’s even more surprising than just a quarterback being drafted into the first round is that he wasn’t the owner of Willis! He was seen by many as the best quarterback in the class, and certainly the one with the biggest height. Fire a few tweets after the first round is over.

The sneaky winner in the first round was Lions. They landed a hero in their hometown Aidan Hutchinson 2nd overall, something that was considered relatively unattainable just a couple of months ago and then traded in the first round to grab a wide receiver in Alabama Jameson Williams Ranked 12th overall. Surprisingly, Williams was the fourth wide receiver captured. As he tore through the AFC in a National Championship loss to Georgia, Williams had 79 passes for 1,572 yards and 15 touchdowns in 2021. He was an All-SEC playmaker, and led the SEC in gaining yards. These are the top 10 legit picks.

For the twentieth year in a row, the Green Bay Packers He did not draft a wide receiver in the first round. This was especially shocking since Green Bay made two picks in the first round!

To the Packers’ credit, six wide receivers were drafted with the first 18 picks, so the front desk probably had to get to a guy they didn’t have a first-round score. This is what Rodgers said On “The Pat McAfee Show”:

“Well I had a little bit of insight, I’ve been talking to him all night…so I know they really liked Wyatt early on and were wondering if he’d be there, in either choice I guess, and when the full-back was in his twenties. From the last century and all six receivers, I think it was six of them with first-round scores, and I think it was obvious that they wanted to make sure those two points were on their mind…I’m sure Packer would be wondering why we didn’t take a receiver or trade-off Or otherwise, but at this point you have to have some confidence in the organization.”

Rodgers looks good the way the first round went, and maybe he’s really OK with it. You still know he wanted one of the receivers in the first round. Davant Adams Not around anymore. Green Bay needs to address the situation in the second round.