The US ambassador in Moscow said that Putin’s war on Ukraine “has pushed US-Russian relations to the bottom.” 2022-04-28 14:59:57


Although the chief envoy did not say the relationship between Washington and Moscow was at an all-time low, Sullivan noted that it “was as bad as it could be.”

“US-Russia relations were bad when I got here in January 2020,” he said, “and they just got worse, and have gone downhill since then.”

In an interview from Moscow with Alisyn Camerota on CNN Newsroom, Sullivan said there was “little little engagement with the Russian government.” His contacts focused on detained US citizens and “the work of our embassy,” which is subject to strict restrictions imposed by the Russian government.

American Wednesday Release Trevor Reid From Russian detention in a prisoner exchange – a major development in it Sullivan was a key player. However, other Americans are still being held, including Britney Grenier and Paul Whelan, who asked the latter why he “left.”
Within months the efforts to free Trevor Reid from arrest in Russia
Whelan said in a message A statement to his parents and shared with CNN. “The world knows this charge was trumped up. Why hasn’t more been done to secure my release?”

Sullivan told CNN he “couldn’t agree with Paul more in the sense that he was found guilty of a trumped-up charge.”

“I have been calling for his release publicly in negotiations with the Russian government since before I arrived here as ambassador, when I was deputy secretary of state when Paul was originally arrested in December 2018,” he said.

“I have never held back on my defense of Paul in dealing with the Russian government for Paul’s release,” Sullivan added, noting that “this case, the Trevor case, is just one step closer.”

Regarding Russia’s war in Ukraine, Sullivan noted that it is up to one man – Russian President Vladimir Putin – to end the brutal conflict.

“This war began with a decision of President Putin and this war will end by a decision of President Putin,” he said, adding that the United States “will do everything in its power to make sure that this decision represents a strategic defeat for the.” He and his government are not a victory for him in Ukraine.”

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The US ambassador said rhetoric about Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons has escalated “in a very irresponsible way recently,” but noted that it was “not new,” citing pre-war talks that would “turn” into warnings about a nuclear confrontation if it continued. US and NATO support Ukraine.

“My reaction on the other side of the table was stunned,” Sullivan said. “And unfortunately, what we’ve seen recently is, at the highest levels of the US government, an escalation of that rhetoric.”

Sullivan said the United States held back in its response, noting that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had paused and then canceled a missile test despite advance planning and notification to the Russian government.

“We don’t engage in irresponsible rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons,” Sullivan told CNN.

He added that the United States was “ready to deter any nuclear aggression against the United States.”

“We will not succumb to nuclear blackmail, but we will not tolerate the rattling of nuclear swords and nuclear brinkmanship,” he said.