The remains identified as a missing GF have been found from a former NFL player 2022-04-30 20:49:32


Texas investigators have identified a human remains found in December as a corpse Taylor Pomasky, the missing girlfriend of former NFL athlete Kevin Weir. Pomsky, 29, has not been seen since a party at her home on April 25, 2021; Her mother reported her missing on May 9. Although the Harris County Sheriff’s Office did not say a word about Ware, who was suspected of being a suspect, he was questioned in June in connection with Pomasky’s disappearance. His lawyer said he was “helpful” and “told the police everything he knew and drove them through his house.” Prisoner records reviewed by NBC show that Ware is being held at a North Houston prison for allegedly violating a pledge on drug and weapons charges that were not related to Pomasky’s disappearance, KPRC Reports. In concluding that the remains discovered on December 10 belong to Pomsky, First Deputy Thomas Gilliland told NBC, “The investigation is still open and active and homicide investigators are eager to conclude this case.”

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