The Packers fail Aaron Rodgers after failing to add WR in the first round 2022-04-29 13:29:09


FILE - In this Jan 16, 2021 file photo, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) runs during an NFL playoff against the Los Angeles Rams in Green Bay, Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst says the team does not Still committed to Rodgers

Jeffrey Phelps/The Associated Press

Often in the night of the clouds, it is as if Green Bay Packers They hunt not only quarterback Aaron RodgersBut we are all.

That was the case again in the first round of the 2022 draft Thursday night, when the Green Bay system led by general manager Brian Gutekunst and coach Matt LaFleur again neglected to speak to the supporting Rodgers team.

It was the 20th straight draft in which the Packers decided not to pick a future, a court finish, or go backwards in the first round. And in the last 11 first rounds, the only attacking player they picked was, inexplicably, another midfielder.

Most of us thought, or at least wished, that this was the culmination of Rodgers’ mission. April 23, 2020: Gutekunst reached the first round with Tee Higgins and Michael Pittman Jr. And Chase Claypool is on the board… and the ex-Utah Jordan Love state flag caller picks 26th overall.

Brian Gutekunst continues to surpass the WRs.

Brian Gutekunst continues to surpass the WRs.Michael Conroy/The Associated Press

But that was even more gruesome, because it came about six weeks after the All-Pro first team replaced Davante Adams with Las Vegas RaidersThis came about six weeks after the team made Rodgers the highest-paid player in the world NFL History in AWV, and that came when the Packers had two first-round picks with former passer George Pickens first-caliber on the board.

“He has enough size, ball skills and athleticism to be an X-receiver who basically runs a vertical road tree, which will also allow him to use his body strength and catching range,” B/R NFL Scout Nate Tice Books about Pickens. “His size will translate into the red zone, and blocking him will be an asset immediately.”

Pickens could of course fall to Green Bay in the bottom half of the second round, in which case the organization might get lucky. But that’s far from a given, and the risk wasn’t worth the risk with two first-round picks in their back pockets.

Instead, Green Bay used both selections on Georgia’s seven defenders at Quay Walker (22nd overall) and Devonte Wyatt (28th overall). They are not starved for a full-back outside the ball (which It may have been overdrafted) or a 24-year-old defensive lineman.

Rodgers may miss Adams more now.

Rodgers may miss Adams more now.Matt Ludtek/The Associated Press

Nothing beats those hits against these guys, but this team already has Rashan Gary, Preston Smith, DeVonder Campbell and Kenny Clark up front on the D, but is set to count on Sammy Watkins and Allen Lazard as the top two. receptors.

Six receivers came off the board before the beamers were first on the clock Thursday night, but they had venture capital to make a move. Instead, six competitors became better in a main position while Arizona Cardinals And Philadelphia Eagles He made deals to acquire widescreen veteran installed at Marquise Brown and AJ Brown, respectively.

All this while the Packers sat on the sidelines. It’s just silly.

And yes, this is a deep draft for receivers. This was also the case in 2021 when Clemson wide picked Amary Rodgers in the third round, but the reality is that the 10th, 11th, or 1,000th receiver captured in any draft is unlikely to become a major target, and that’s what Rodgers needs. clearly. He put this team over the top for the first time in dozens of seasons.

After all, even with Adams, Rodgers and Packers have only won two playoff games since 2017. If the thought process was that they didn’t excel with future superstars, and therefore should focus their attention elsewhere, it would be contrary wide shift For the benefit of elite players in this position. And in terms of being geniuses against the tide, the Packers didn’t benefit from any doubt.


When packagers are not crafting a WR

The front office may have discussed this with Rodgers beforehand. With a new contract, he’ll probably avoid sparking a scene on social media, in the locker room, or elsewhere Pat McAfee Show. fact, This is really true. Now, anyway. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Packers are currently worse off on attack than they were before Adams became a superstar four years ago.

was the crime rated higher than defense last year and by a large margin. But this does not mean that doing everything in defense will correct the ship. Building a winner has never been so simple and we all know that a great attacking with a well-supported midfielder usually beats being a well-balanced opponent or even a strong defensive line.

Do packets know that? Will they realize it? Or are they just trolling?