The Mets throw their first No-No at 22, down the Phillies 2022-04-29 21:43:34


NEW YORK – A shy month a decade ago, Johan Santana removed the burden of history from Citifield. When Santana introduced the first player in franchise history, he opened the gates for others to follow.

It again took a long wait, even as the Mets rose to prominence with one of baseball’s best young rotations. Throughout the league, 39 players were made after Santana, including the efforts of 18 different teams. But it wasn’t until a cold night at Citifield on Friday that the Mets added another of their own.

Taylor Miguel made the first five innings, before Drew Smith, Julie Rodriguez, Seth Lugo and Edwin Diaz came together for the last 12 wins to complete the historic 3-0 win over the Phillies.

The necessary offense came in the form of singles Jeff McNeill in fifth and Pete Alonso Homer’s singles in sixth, both off Aaron Nola.

Although Megill ran into a bit of trouble in the early rounds, his pace was low and he struggled to keep hitters out, sending the pitch high despite the few hits. The right-handed walked with a hit in the second inning and two more in the fifth, which he finished in 88 throws. At that point, manager Buck Showalter removed him in favor of Smith, who hit four of the five hits he faced.

Rodriguez came in, walking his first hit but quickly led to a double play at the end of the turn. He and Lugo combined for eighth, before Diaz finished his effort in the ninth minute. This allowed the Mets to not only complete the 17th no-batting set in AL/NL history, but win a major division match over the Phillies.