The Georgia girls’ lacrosse team said fans yelled the “N” at them during the play-off 2022-04-29 19:02:53


Canton, Georgia (CBS46) – Members of the Brookwood Girls Lacrosse team said fans yelled racial abuse at them during Wednesday’s game at Cherokee High School.

“The harassment has become more aggressive, more direct and more racially motivated,” said Aja Thomas, goalkeeper for the Brookwood girls’ lacrosse team.

Thomas said a group of seven or eight boys were yelling at her throughout the match.

Ten minutes into the second quarter, she said she heard the first word she screamed at. Then another.

Then it was said again and that confirmed everything. That’s when I informed the judges,” Thomas said, in an interview Thursday with CBS News46.

Georgia Lacrosse said fans yelled the N-word at them during the playoff game.
Georgia Lacrosse said fans yelled the N-word at them during the playoff game.(Provided by Aja Thomas)

Brookwood High School was playing Cherokee High School in Canton in the first round of the GHSA Class 6A-7A Girls State Lacrosse Championship.

Four Brookwood players spoke to CBS46 News on Thursday, the day after the playoff game.

“In that moment, I rose to something much deeper than just a game of lacrosse,” said Leah Brown.

The girls said that a reference had already warned the group of boys about potential violations of the sportsmanship convention.

part of GHSA Sportsmanship Agreement is reading:

“Profanity, degrading remarks and acts of intimidation directed at officials, competitors or other spectators will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the event site.”

The girls said that one of the auditors ordered the boys to leave the event.

“They’re starting to come off the field,” Alexis Scoggins said.

The group inevitably survived, Scoggins said.

“As a black athlete who played in that game, I feel like they won in that situation for not being sent off in that game, in that moment,” Brookwood lacrosse player Dami Casumo said.

The principal of Cherokee High School said they investigated the allegations, In a statement on Facebook.

“CHS management spent several hours interviewing coaches, players, other spectators and students who were present at the game and none of them heard any racial slurs,” CHS School Principal Rodney Larruta wrote.

CBS46 News has reached out to the school district, but a spokesperson said they stood by the principal’s statement.

“If any evidence is found to confirm such allegations, we will address them appropriately. At the College of Health Sciences, we will not tolerate the use of racist slurs by anyone on our campus,” Larruta wrote.

CBS46 News reached out to the GHSA, but did not get a response.

The Brookwood players said they would like an apology from Cherokee High School.

Georgia lacrosse said fans yelled the 'N' at them during the playoff match
Georgia lacrosse said fans yelled the ‘N’ at them during the playoff match(Provided by Aja Thomas)

They also said that a lack of hearing hinders progress in breaking into a predominantly white sport.

“The fact that I couldn’t play a high school game without those constant reminders that I was different, I was following — I was really blown away,” Thomas said.