The European Union has fired a warning shot at Musk over moderating Twitter content 2022-04-26 16:14:00


Under Elon Musk, Twitter must comply with tough new European standards for content monitoring or else it could face fines or even a possible ban, according to a senior EU official.

Thierry Breton, the European Union commissioner and leading digital regulator, tweeted on Tuesday that all businesses operating in the European Union must abide by the bloc’s rules. Includes the Digital Services Act, a next law Britton and other policymakers announced last week the regulation of social media and other technology platforms.

“Mr. Musk knows this well,” Woods chirp. “He is familiar with European car rules, and will quickly adapt to the Digital Services Act.”

While the DSA is not yet in force, the legislation has been approved by the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU member states, paving the way for it to become law in the coming months. One of the first laws of its kind, the DSA Define new requirements For social media platforms to tackle illegal content, as well as speech that may be legal but threaten global priorities such as public health. The biggest tech platforms will have to go through content moderation risk assessments and audits, and develop systems to deal with those risks. Comprehensive legislation also restricts some forms of targeted advertising and completely prohibits advertising targeting minors.

The upcoming rules could frustrate Musk as he seeks to switch to a freer Twitter, where content is less moderated, not more. While Musk recently said that Twitter is “obviously … bound by the laws of the country in which it operates,” he also advocated a more permissive approach to content where “we want to be very reluctant to delete things.”

However, some provisions of the DSA may align more closely with Musk’s vision of greater transparency for Twitter, including having to provide company data to researchers so they can better understand how the platform’s algorithms work, and giving users explanations for content removals and ways to do so. Appeal content decisions.

Companies that violate the DSA face fines of up to 6% of their annual revenue. In an interview with Financial TimesBritton said Twitter would not be an exception to this rule.

“The Commission [of Twitter] He’s going to have to make sure that if he’s operating in Europe, he’s going to have to live up to commitments, including moderation, open algorithms, free speech, transparency in the rules, commitments to comply with our own rules for hate speech, and revenge porn. [and] Britton told the Financial Times. “if [Twitter] Do not comply with our law, there are penalties – 6 percent of the revenue and, if they continue, they are banned from working in Europe.”