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A member of Ukraine's State Emergency Service prepares to disable and remove a missile at Rubizhin in Ukraine's Luhansk region, on April 27.
A member of Ukraine’s State Emergency Service prepares to disable and remove a missile at Rubizhin in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, on April 27. (State Emergency Service of Ukraine / EYEPRESS / Reuters)

Parts of the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine have come under intense attacks in the past 24 hours, according to local officials.

Serhiy Haiday, head of the regional military administration, said a woman was killed in the bombing of a hospital in Severodonetsk, a city that saw widespread destruction after weeks of attacks.

“that they [the Russians] Heidi said: “He wanted to eliminate the wounded. The Russians knew that the hospital was not empty, and there were patients in different conditions with doctors; it did not stop them.”

“The damage to the building is huge. Several floors were damaged at the same time,” he added.

A CNN team in the city on Wednesday heard frequent artillery shelling, which local police said was around the hospital.

Ukrainian officials have said that almost the entire territory of the Luhansk region has suffered from shelling in the past 24 hours, the worst of which was that of Robyzhny and Lysichansk. The Russians have been trying to force the towns to surrender for weeks.

Al-Hayday said that the bombing destroyed gas pipelines to most of the area. “The gas companies repair the damaged areas every day. Gas is supplied to only six towns and villages.”

Mykola Khanatov, head of the military administration of the city of Popasna, told Ukrainian television that there were only three words to describe the situation there: horror, sadness and pain.

“There are still about 2,000 people in Popasna. We are trying to organize the evacuation every day. We are evacuating about 50 people per day. But unfortunately, we only control half of the city, and the other half is occupied,” Khanatov said, adding that there was an air strike on a building of nine Floors Tuesday night, collapsed. Rescue work continued.

“Popasna is Armageddon,” Khanatov said. “Nothing is working there now: there is no gas, no electricity, no water. There are no doctors.”

Luhansk authorities said one person had been killed in the neighboring Herceg region.

He added, “The Russian forces are constantly bombing the settlements of the Herceg group, starting at five in the morning [rockets] and artillery.”