The couple could not get in time to a wedding chapel in Vegas. They got married on a Southwest flight instead 2022-04-29 17:07:35


(CNN) – One spouse took their love to new heights, quite literally. To about 37,000 feet, in fact.

Southwest flight from Dallas to Las Vegas turned into a plane Temporary Wedding Church On Sundays, complete with strips of toilet paper and a maid of honor.

Then their jokes got serious.

“In about an hour and a half we booked our flights and hotel,” Jeremy Salda said on Friday. “Pam bought a wedding dress online and gave it up for the night.”

The Oklahoma City couple made a date at their wedding chapel for 9 p.m. Sunday night.

With Pam Patterson (now Pam Salda) in her wedding gown and Jeremy in a suit, the two headed to Sin City.

But during their layover at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, they encountered multiple delays and eventually had their last flight to Vegas canceled.

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Pam made her way into the aisle in her wedding gown while the other passengers watched.

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While waiting at the station, they met Chris Meacham, another passenger on the same flight to Vegas, who also happened to be an appointed minister.

He overheard their adventure at their wedding and proposed to him in Vegas himself. From there, the three found a Southwest flight bound for the Arab League with only four seats left

However, this flight was scheduled from Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), which was about 25 minutes away. “We had 50 minutes before the plane took off,” Pam told CNN. “We asked Uber to stop it, and he did.”

While jogging through DAL in their wedding attire, the couple said people were cheering on them.

They eventually made it to the gate and while they were on the plane, the captain was curious about Pam’s wedding dress. She jokingly explained the story about the marriage on the plane.

To her surprise, the pilot replied: “Let’s do it!”

“Southwest has been the airline of love for nearly 51 years,” Southwest said in a written statement given to CNN. “We always enjoy the opportunity to celebrate our customers in special ways.”

Cabin crew members hung up the toilet paper banners and made a meacham Snack bag scarf.

As Pam walked down the aisle, other passengers operated the call buttons and Julie Reynolds One of the flight attendants stood on the plane as an impromptu maid of honor.

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Pam and Jeremy

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He happened to have a professional photographer on board and took pictures of the newlyweds. What about cutting a wedding cake? Another passenger served the remaining powdered donut.

“It’s strange how everything fell into place,” Pam said.

A notebook was even passed on as a temporary guestbook. Pam says other passengers left messages inside about how the unexpected wedding brightened their day, or how it felt like watching the rom-com unfold in front of them.

“We were thrilled to host Pam and Jeremy’s special day,” Southwest said. “We extend our congratulations to the newlyweds and wish them well in their new life together.”

The newlyweds spent an extra day in Vegas to celebrate their spontaneous wedding.

They plan to continue their originally planned party in August, where they will celebrate with family and friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Now, though, they have a few wedding guests invited: their full minister and flight attendant.

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