Student says mom encourages kids to fight with more than $28 on a school bus in Memphis 2022-04-28 20:47:31


Memphis, Tenn. He started a school bus brawl for more than $28, according to a Memphis teen who said he was jumped by a mother, son, and daughter.

The accident occurred on April 13. A video has emerged showing the two parties on an MLK Prep Academy school bus.

At the beginning of the video, you can already see the students strutting, but what can be heard is what catches the attention of the critics.

The mother in the video incites her two children to use profanity while urging them to fight 17-year-old Kentavion Dancey.

“He said I had his money, and he said he dropped me off after school,” Lynsey said. “So, he waited until I got on the bus, and the bus driver didn’t stop it or shut the door. He let them come there.”

As the students continue to throw punches, the sound of a mother can still be heard training her son and daughter to attack.

Dancy said the money they thought he stole had nothing to do with him.

One of my friends, he had his card or something, then he added money to it, then he sent it to me, but he showed my name, and he sent it to me, and I didn’t even tell him to send it to me.”

After finding out that the money had been sent, Dancy also said he sent it again. Meanwhile, at one point in the video, the mother attacked him, pulling the 17-year-old’s hair.

“I feel like she should have never touched me because she’s grown up,” Dancy said.

The 17-year-old’s grandmother said she is now afraid to send her grandson back to school for fear of another attack.

“They said we’ll take you on Monday, so I didn’t let him go to school,” Laurent Stevenson said. “I left him outside all this week because I was afraid they would take him when they saw him on the bus.”

There is a clip of the video where you actually hear the mother who boarded the bus threatening to come back the next day to settle the score.

“It was a mistake because you shouldn’t have done it, getting your hands on a teenager,” Steveson said.

Now Dancey has more to think about and think about. The 6-foot-4-inch basketball and soccer player dislocated his knuckles as a result of the fight. Doctors say he will have to sit for a while.

“I’m crazy because I want to exercise,” he said.

FOX13 reached out to Frayser Community Schools, which issued the following statement:

“Frayser Community Schools is aware of the incident on the school bus on April 13 involving MLK College Prep students and a parent. Local police officers were patrolling the area and immediately responded to the altercation with the school resource officer. As with any behavior Banned, MLK officials immediately addressed the issue and disciplinary action was taken.

Everyone who has seen the video knows that it shows an unfortunate situation that quickly escalated. While the bus driver followed the safety protocol by seeking assistance immediately, we will continue to cooperate with the bus company to ensure that safety procedures are followed and always updated when needed.

The melee is still under review by the Memphis Police Department. We will collaborate with our local law enforcement when needed, as we continue to prioritize the safety of our students.”

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