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While the look of Google’s upcoming Wear OS device completely leaked, many questions remain about the internal hardware that powers it. Sources say now 9to5Google That your Pixel Watch will have cellular connectivity and battery life.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the Pixel Watch has a battery that comes with a capacity of 300 mAh. We’ve also learned that cellular connectivity will be introduced, although we’re not sure how it models Three have been spottedwill vary.

The closest analog is the Galaxy Watch 4 (GW4) from Samsung. This wearable, which is also 40mm in size, has a 247mAh battery which lasts 40 hours”the show lengthWith Wear OS 3. In our experience, Smaller Galaxy Watch 4 Closer to a 24-hour device, depending on usage. The Google Watch certainly beats this out in terms of physical capacity, but that shouldn’t be surprising given its 4mm thickness about 14 mm. Early Pixel Watches are also heavier at 36 grams versus the 40mm GW4, which weighs 26 grams (also measured without straps).

Another battery comparison to make is the Fossil Gen 6 and its 300mAh battery, which is rated for a day of use over the less power-efficient Snapdragon Wear 4100+. Skagen Falster Gen 6 The same battery size as well, and we found the overall battery life to be 24 hours or less.

Meanwhile, the eldest, 44mm Galaxy Watch 4 It weighs 30 grams, has a 361 mAh battery, and generally lasts between 30 and 40 hours, depending on usage, in our experience. It remains to be seen what the official Google guidelines will be or if Wear OS sees any additional improvements to maximize its lifespan. Another important spec that is still unknown is how fast the Pixel Watch can charge, in terms of allowing users to top up quickly in a jiffy. If the watch uses some form of Qi charging, as Samsung and Apple do, it seems reasonable to expect similar speeds.

We previously predicted that the Pixel Watch may be turned on by Samsung Exynos. Google’s use of the same W920 chip as the Galaxy Watch 4 wouldn’t be surprising. The measurement showed the screen size on the Pixel Watch to be around 30mm or just under 1.2in, which makes another similarity to the Galaxy Watch 4.

while, 9to5Google I mentioned earlier on the possible pixel clock face designsbut we haven’t really seen how Google will make Wear OS 3 beyond what it is Available in the emulator. Furthermore, the biggest question remaining is how Google will price the Pixel Watch and when it will be available.

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