Sony’s game preservation team might not be as exciting as it sounds 2022-04-27 09:02:50


Update (4/27/22): That story has of course come to an end this week, as many PlayStation fans were excited about the prospect of a game preservation which would mean more old games coming to PS Plus Premium. In response, Garrett Friedley made attempts to clarify his new role in the company.

Senior Building Engineer made a link to GDC Conversation He turned it on a few years ago, as he was discussing his own conservation work at EA. In it, Friedley explains what all of this actually means. In very basic terms, preservation is the process of ensuring all aspects of a game and its creation are not only properly archived, but kept in a state that can be retrieved and brought back in the future. He obviously goes into more detail in the video, but that’s the gist. It seems to be an incredibly complex and technical task.

Friedley’s responsibilities at PlayStation “are similar, albeit greater in scope,” Fridley says. We imagine he and the other preservation team will work on archiving Sony’s back catalog, but not necessarily for redistribution. It is impossible to know at this point. He signs by saying that he is not sure if he will participate in a simulation of any kind. It’s all very interesting stuff, anyway – good luck to Friedley in his new role!

Original story: A newly hired PlayStation engineer has revealed that there is a game keeping division within the company.

Garrett Friedley to social media To announce his new role and mention his new section with the platform owner. “Today is my first day as a Senior Building Engineer at PlayStation, serving as one of the first employees of the newly created Preservation team,” says Fridley. Activity: 6924387563638063104 / “> LinkedIn. He explains that maintaining games was his initial passion, and that he is happy to move into the role after gaining experience elsewhere. “Let’s go and make sure we don’t forget the history of our industry!”

The timing of this is interesting, given Sony’s upcoming PS Plus Premium series, which is set to include hundreds of titles from older platforms. Was this new preservation team created to focus on bringing classic software to this service? It’s hard to say exactly.

as pointed out VGCFredley’s previous role at EA says he “only led the effort to preserve the FIFA franchise, resulting in a complete archive of multiple titles.” Obviously, the publisher hasn’t made a lot of old FIFA games available for purchase, so it seems that keeping the game might also mean archiving the source code, art, etc. to ensure it’s not lost forever.

So, we don’t know definitively if this new team at PlayStation will restore old games to play on PS5 and PS4, or if it will simply restore code and assets to stash away for safekeeping. Again, though, the fact that Sony will include PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games at its top level from the PS Plus lines does fairly well.

What do you think of this? Is Sony’s new game preservation team working to bring more classic games to modern hardware, or is it something less exciting? Discuss in the comments section below.