Sony Blocks PS Plus Loophole, Sets Limits on Subscription Stacking 2022-04-29 14:05:00


PS Plus

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Sony will no longer allow users to hoard PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscription memberships, a policy shift that flagrantly prevents PS5 users from scoring long-term discounts on PlayStation Plus renewal Services.

The new PS Plus, now divided into three levels – Essential, Extra and Plus – essentially combines PlayStation Now and the soon-to-be PlayStation Plus. As a reminder, PS Now is a streaming service that gives users access to hundreds of games designed for current and previous console generations, while the current PS Plus It gives users access to online multiplayer games, discounts, and some free games every month. Both of these services will be retired on June 13th and integrated into the new PS Plus.

Previously, PlayStation users could “stack” PS Now and PS Plus subscriptions by buying several (for example, if there was a discount) and activating them all at once or one by one. With this newly imposed suspension, PS Now and PS Plus subscribers are unable to redeem coupon codes that have remained idle until their current membership expires or the new PS Plus service becomes available in their region – whichever occurs first.

“As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus membership service, we are doing some work behind the scenes to make the transition as seamless as possible for all of our existing members,” Sony wrote in a blog. “As part of this work, we have temporarily disabled membership stacks for existing customers until after launch.”

If you have a coupon code and you are not currently subscribed to either service or if your membership expired before the new service, Then you can still recover it. If you had an active PS Plus membership at the launch of the new version, you will be placed in PS Plus Essential, the lower level of the new service. If you have an active PS Now account, you will move to PS Plus Premium, which is the highest tier.

Here’s the point of fine print: If you’re not already an active member, a PS Plus coupon redeemed after the new version arrives will give you access to PS Now Essential for the term specified in your original coupon (12 months = 12 months). Same goes for PS Now but with PS Plus Premium. If you are one Existing For a PS Plus or PS Now customer, any non-refundable voucher will be converted to a period of time equal to the cash value of the voucher you redeemed.

PS Now to PS Plus Converter

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What is he talking aboution look? Sony has published a table showing how much you can get from your PS Now or PS Plus subscription with each new tier. As a connoisseur, a 1-month (previous generation) PS Plus coupon gives you a full month of PS Plus Essential, 21 days of PS Plus Extra, or 17 days of PS Plus Premium.

Those who have already redeemed the codes and subscribed to both services are lucky; Sony made it clear earlier this week that it will honor any subscription that remains active the longest. So, for example, if you have a PS Now subscription that expires in one month and a PS Plus subscription that expires in three years, you’ll get PS Plus Premium access until 2025.

This is the exact loophole that Sony fills in by preventing users from hoarding subscriptions, and then moving to the new service to enjoy the extra benefits without paying the price difference. As a reminder, PS Plus Premium costs $17.99 per month and you get all the benefits of the original PS Plus plan, plus access to over 400 PS4 and PS5 games and 340 additional titles from Previous Sony Cloud Flow Controllers.