Xiaomi Mi 9 gaming mod GeekerWan

Someone gave this old phone a cooling fan and a 9,900mAh battery 2022-04-27 08:18:47

Xiaomi Mi 9 gaming mod GeekerWan


tl; DR

  • A YouTuber has extensively modified the Xiaomi Mi 9 as of 2019.
  • Modifications include a cooling fan, tripling the battery capacity, and more.

gaming phones It’s becoming very popular these days, with the likes of Asus, Black Shark, Nubia, and Xiaomi providing it. What if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gaming phone but still want a powerful and long-lasting gaming device?

Well, a YouTuber GeekerWan File has been modified Xiaomi Mi 9Bring a cooling fan, significantly more battery capacity, and more for your 2019 flagship. More specifically, the YouTuber added the fan, tripled the battery capacity to 9,900mAh by adding two additional 3,300mAh batteries, removed the camera modules, and put them all in a 3D-printed case.

Xiaomi Mi 9 mod GeekerWan for gaming

GeekerWan has also made some additional software tweaks, such as improving the CPU’s base clock speed (minimum frequency of 1.8GHz and maximum frequency of 2.84GHz), increasing the maximum GPU frequency from 585MHz to 840MHz, and increasing the screen refresh rate to 75 Hz.

The YouTuber noted that the project cost him $150, which includes roughly $110 for a used Mi 9. The fully modified device also weighs 269 grams, making it almost as heavy as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. So what about actually using it, then?

GeekerWan reported a 40% increase in the 3DMark Wild Life Extreme benchmark test, tweaking on the heels of the Snapdragon 870. It also claimed 50fps in the Genshin Impact compared to the Mi 9’s stock average of 39fps.

Xiaomi Mi 9 GeekerWan has been modified

Moreover, the YouTuber claimed that the modified Mi 9 was actually able to perform much smoother than Xiaomi 12 Pro and his Snapdragon 8 first generation Slides in Genshin Impact. The dedicated phone seems to draw a little less power at 50fps than the Xiaomi 12 Pro as well.

This project is a bit impractical for many people, but it’s still really cool to see what’s possible when older silicon is released. For anyone else looking for a great gaming phone above all else, you’d be better off buying something like Red Magic 6 or Red Magic 7, as both generations have a built-in cooling fan for better sustainable performance.