Snap’s first drone, Pixy, has been fully revealed in FCC photos 2022-04-28 10:59:54


Update April 28, 1:09pm ET: Snap has officially revealed Pixy, and we’ve continued to work with him. You can read our entire article – video! – here.

Below is our original article on the FCC documents.

Snap appears to be working on a drone called Pixy, and the whole thing has been leaked with a great deal of detail, including photos and a seemingly patchy user manual, Published by the Federal Communications Commission. It’s Small: The rulers in the photos indicate that the drone is about 130mm wide and 120mm long, which is roughly 5.1″ x 4.7″ inches.

at user’s GuideSnap describes the drone as a “small smart drone with camera and camera functionality.” The drone itself is Snap’s signature yellow rounded rectangle with transparent orange propellers. There’s a knob on the top that seems to offer a bunch of different settings – it looks like a camera mode dial, right down to the traditional “landscape mode” logo – and there appear to be cameras on the front as well as on the bottom of the drone. We’ve included some photos below so you can see for yourself.

Clear orange fans and a USB-C port.
Image via FCC

There is one big yellow button above what looks like a camera mode dial.
Image via FCC

The battery capacity can’t be determined here, but the file separately says it has a 3.3Wh package, which seems pretty small.
Image via FCC

Inside the Pixy Drone.
Image via FCC

The drone has two circular panels inside.
Image via FCC

It has a USB-C port, most likely for charging, as well as a removable battery at the bottom; It’s not clear how the battery is kept, but it appears to have a push button at one end. It operates at frequencies above 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, like most other drones (and Wi-Fi, for that matter – most cheap drones simply use Wi-Fi), although there is a note that the shorter 5 GHz band is for For internal use only. It also has Bluetooth technology, according to the filing.

Snap’s previous hardware products were glasses, but the information mentioned In March 2021, the company was ramping up its efforts to build a drone.