Snap launches a $230 flying camera called Pixy 2022-04-28 12:00:01


Explode, Explode The company announced Thursday, during its annual partner summit, the launch of a flying camera.

The camera, called the Pixy, is a “pocket-sized” device without control. Instead, users click a button to send Pixy to one of four preset flight paths. The device floats, rotates, or follows a few feet above the user to take photos and videos, then lands in the palm of the user’s hand.

Snap is billing Pixy as a companion to its flagship app, Snapchat. The company said that videos and photos from flights are automatically transferred to a user’s Snapchat memories. She added that users can edit photos and share them on any other platform. Pixy stores up to 100 videos or 1,000 photos.

It is available as of Thursday in the US and France for $229.99. The basic trip package includes a Pixy camera, bumper, carrying strap, charging cable and rechargeable battery. The company said additional batteries are available for $19.99 and a dual battery charger is available for $49.99. The camera can make five to eight flights using its default flight modes when each battery is recharged.

Snap has ventured into widgets in the past with products like Spectacles 3 Camera Glasses $380 and his Next generation augmented reality glasses, which can superimpose computer-generated images onto the user’s field of view. The company has indicated that it is committed to hardware for the long-term, which could open a new source of revenue apart from its advertising business. However, the company said in Latest earnings report That revenue from hardware today “is not material”.

The company also announced several augmented reality features and developer updates. She added that Snapchat now reaches 600 million monthly active users and more than 330 million daily active users.

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