After a relatively quiet draft for the 49ers, where they stayed on every pick, San Francisco was very active in the unoccupied free-agent pool, winning the jackpot over a few players.

Below is a list of free agents they are currently signed to.

In particular, offensive linemen Dohnovan West of Arizona and Jason Poe of Mercer, as well as linebacker Jeremiah Gemmel of North Carolina, stood out due to their potentially inability to let go.

Arizona State University OL Donovan West

West, a 6’3, 300-pound guard/center, has been connected to the 49ers of the Combine, sharing that the organization has expressed an interest in him.

West’s best profiles under the area’s plotline offense, which is managed by 49 players, making him a perfect fit for San Francisco offense, especially with the blasting he has for his size.

West will likely require some transition from the team game to the NFL level, but his comfort in the district chart could make him an interesting candidate to compete to start in the center.

Getting a potential start to Day One as an unpolished free agent is an exceptional value for the 49ers.

Mercer OL Jason Poe

Poe, a 6’0, 300-pound guard/center, has outstanding athletic performance and a blast, and earned a 9.45 RSI, which included a 1.75 10-yard split, while also testing exceptionally in the shuttle and 3-cone drills.

Despite his smaller chassis, Poe plays with great power as well, and it should be a good system to match his space-moving ability in an area-scheme attack system.

Poe needs polishing in his passes to protect skills, but, as an unformed free agent, he holds a lot of value for the 49ers.

UNC LB Jeremiah Gemmel

Gemmel is the kind of player fans should be interested in, with a bunch of intangibles complimenting his profile, like his leadership abilities and high mobility.

Gemmel is a little petite for a quarterback, coming in at 6’0 and 226 pounds, but he shows good instinct and a closing speed in supporting running, a role he probably plays at the NFL level.

The 49ers are a team known for developing linebackers, a specialty of defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, because they have a good young core including Fred WarnerAnd dear poetAnd Dry Greenlaw.

Although Gemmel hasn’t had much experience in a special teams position, he can emulate his fellow 49er midfield mates Demetrius Flanagan-Fowles and Oren Burks, both of whom are known for their special teams’ abilities as well as their defensive talent.

If Gemmel went into a certain position to achieve success, it would be the 49ers, given his instinctual abilities and their tendency to develop linebackers.

Once again, a renewable player has reached the open market, and the 49th tier has passed.