Silva: Ten Things I Think About the 2022 NFL Draft

Silva: Ten things I’m thinking of in the 2022 NFL Draft 2022-04-26 15:43:31

Silva: Ten Things I Think About the 2022 NFL Draft


Instead of publishing Mock Draft 2.0, I wanted to write about ten individual topics of predictive importance related to this year’s draft.

I will be posting my final photo late Wednesday night.

1. No quarterback will go before their late teens/twenties.

Early buzz contact Malik Willis (Liberty) to the second-place Lions is long dead, and most teams seem to have seeded Willis in the second round. I believed Kenny Beckett (Pittsburgh) Number 6 could have gone to Carolina at some point, but it’s not anymore. Matt Coral (Ole Miss), Desmond Reader (Cincinnati), and Sam Howell (North Carolina) They are marginal first-round talents at best.

The Steelers’ historical penchant for the Telegraph with their draft picks coupled with their fascination with shared knowledge with Willis has made me believe that Willis will not continue to overtake Pittsburgh in 20th place. I am very skeptical that any of these other signal-connectors will go before then. .

I still think we’ll have at least two and up to four players in the first round. But I don’t think they will be gone before the end of the tour.

2. Deebo Samuel (or DK Metcalf) will be traded to aircraft.

With the quarterback on a junior deal, Jets have tremendous flexibility to hand out expensive contracts, while GM Joe Douglas He carries five Top 70 picks, including four of the top 40 picks.

The Jets are in a privileged position to get a game-making nail installed and pay it.

OC . aircraft Mike LaFleur He spent two years with Samuel in San Francisco. Gang Green clearly needs an alpha receiver to shut it down Corey Davis With Elijah Mor in the slot.

3. Derek Stingley (LSU) and Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner (Cincinnati) will move up to the top seven.

By all accounts, Stingley is one of – if not The The most exciting player in the draft after checking each box during the pre-draft phase. Top corner of the country As a real freshman in 2019, Stingley has made just ten appearances in the past two seasons due to illness and ankle/foot injuries.

But Texas absolutely love Stingley, it even suffices for a potential trade from 13th to No. 6 – assuming they don’t take a Stingley for 3rd.

Large, long-armed, and capable of containing wide receivers in Press-man coverage, the Gardner is a great fit for the new DC Giants Wink Martindaledefense. A former Ravens, Martindale believed in winning at the back end and using his high-frequency blitzkrieg rate to generate pressure up front.

wink must have Guys who can cover.

After Stingley and Gardner, this back-angle class is falling off a cliff.

4. Wide receivers are hot goods.

Especially in a league that is increasingly dominated by young coaches – call it Sean McVeigh Impact – The NFL has understandably become obsessed with explosive plays, which occur primarily through a scrolling game.

In a league where veteran wide receiver contracts swelled out of control – dubbed Christian Kirk Impact – Extensive insurance on affordable entry-level deals offers significant salary cap benefits.

By 2023, Kirk’s ceiling number will be $21.5 million.

Ja’Marr Chase will cost 13.1 million dollars less.

I expect Jameson Williams (Alabama), Garrett Wilson (Ohio State), Drake London (USC), and Chris Olaf (Ohio State) All this to go inside our top 17 picks.

Trillon pyrex Arkansas has a bunch of realistic potential landing sites in the 1920s.

I suspect Jahan Dotson (Penn State) is going somewhere late in the first round, and Sky More (Western Michigan) can sneak in, too.

5. Each of the top three offensive lines will reach the top seven.

There are different opinions regarding the floor, ceiling and even the future of the situation Evan Neal (Alabama) and Ike Ikuno (North Carolina State). But after them and Charles Cross (Mississippi), there’s a gap until the next best offensive line emerges.

My opinions on the results of this draft are subject to change every hour, but here’s how I set the top ten odds at the moment (assuming there are no trades).

1. Jaguar – Travon Walker

2. Black – Aidan Hutchinson

3 – Texas – Derek Stingley

4. Airplanes – Ike Ikuno

5. Giants – gardner sauce

6- Leopards- Charles Cross

7. Giants – Evan Neal

8. Hawks – Garrett Wilson

9- Seahawks – kefon tebodo

10. Airplanes – Jermaine Johnson

I will definitely change my mind before my final show, tomorrow night.

6. At least six players will participate in the first round in the first round.

Aidan Hutchinson (Michigan), Travon Walker (Georgia), kefon tebodo (Oregon), and Jermaine Johnson (Florida) Locks from the first round.

That’s four.

George Karlavtis (Bordeaux), Logan Hall (Houston), boy mafi (Minnesota), Arnold Ipeketty (Pennsylvania state), Nick Bonito (Oklahoma), and David Ogabo (Michigan) They are all within the top 32 nominees.

The NFL’s thirst for overseas rush is never quenched.

7. Neither running backwards nor tight ends will make it to 32.

Press Hall (Iowa) and Kenneth Walker (Michigan) are legitimate bell types. Trey McBride (Colorado State) won the 2021 MF’in Mackey, collecting 90 balls as a big volleyball before burning 4.56 on CSU’s Pro Day.

However, the NFL has been smart about re-substitutions, and the narrow sides tend to struggle as early-career professionals.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see a backhand draft or a tight end until the 1940s.

8. Love the odds on these guys to get to No. 32.

These players don’t consistently appear on first-round models, but I bet each one of them is more likely than not to make it into the top 32.

(You must have even/plus odds to reach the top 32 in the DraftKings Sportsbook.)

Georgia S Louis Cinema (+100)

Houston Del Logan Hall (+100)

Tulsa Out Tyler Smith (+100)

Washington CB Keller Gordon (+110)

9. I don’t like the odds on these guys to get to No. 32.

These guys are usually mocked in the first round, but I think they are more likely than not to continue until the second day.

(You must have even/minus odds of getting to the top 32 in the DraftKings sports site.)

Bordeaux Edge George Karlavtis (-1600)

Iowa C Tyler Linderbaum (-900)

Georgia LB Nakobe Din (-225)

Georgia WR George Pickens (+100)

10. Some longer bets and stakes I love

… that my colleagues in Founding of The Run she too horrified responsible for approval.

(All possibilities via DraftKings Math book.)

Jermaine Johnson To reach #2 overall (+7500)

exact order: Aidan Hutchinson to go number 1, Jermaine Johnson to go number 2 (+30000)

exact order: Travon Walker to go number 1, Aidan Hutchinson Number 2 Evan Neal No. 3 (+1200)

Exact position of the first crafted player: Packs, offensive line (+750)

Exact position of first coined player: Vikings, wide receiver (+1200)

Kenneth Walker First run backwards crafted (+225)

Take the bonus: bet on the first round trades.

It’s available in 5.5 first-round deals on DraftKings.

There is a record in the league eight Multiple-choice teams are in the first round, and the real power of this draft is on day two before going down the ramp on day three.

Aggressive teams will use their initial capital to move forward, while smart, forward-thinking teams will use their capital to purchase more second- and third-round picks, taking advantage of market inefficiencies.