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Ozark Spoilers follow.

Ozark The first part of Season 4 ended with fanfare (and plenty of bloodstains) when pseudo-cartel boss Javi Elizondro (Alfonso Herrera) blew the minds of newlyweds Darlene née Snell (Lisa Emery) and Watt Langmore (Charlie Tahan).

This was the kick in the teeth that ignited the grief-stricken Ruth and set off some explosive events that not even Byrds could talk their way out of this time.

Enough foreplay! Let’s get into what really happened in Ozark The final fourth season.

Explanation of Ozark, the fourth season, which ended

Julia Garner, Ozark, Season 4, Part 2


The second part opens with the unsettled Roth (Julia GarnerHunt for White’s killer. It wasn’t long before her anger ended with Javi being shot to death in front of Byrds and Show’s chief medical officer Claire Shaw (Katrina Link).

To protect themselves and Ruth, he covers up her act by telling Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) that his nephew has disappeared, presumably dead. Which brings Navarro back to his prime to reconfirm his extradition deal with the FBI, but first he must regain control of his drug cartel.

He did this by having Marty personally deliver a message that he had killed Javi and sending him to serve temporarily as his envoy in Mexico.

The news didn’t go well and someone attempted to assassinate Navarro – for someone to be his sister Camila (Javi’s mother, played by Veronica Falcone).

Katrina Link, Dave MacDonald, Ozark, Season 4, Part 2


Meanwhile, Claire Shaw feels comfortable with the Byrds after helping her clean Jaffe’s blood from the floors of her office. She makes a deal with Ruth Langmore to overthrow the Byrds by using drugs inherited from Darlene to supply the drugs to Shaw.

This suits Ruth perfectly because in addition to screwing the Byrds out of their order, she intends to use her new winnings to buy the majority of The Missouri Belle casino stock from them.

Julia Garner, Ozark, Season 4


They refuse, of course, because this is their main money-laundering business for the cartel. However, it seems that the Langmores and Langmores’ Ruths are not resigning.

Thanks to Langmore Snell’s weddings, Ruth inherited Darlene’s estate as well as her shares in Belle. She buys the remaining shares from Charles Wilkes and her criminal record has been deleted, making her the proud majority owner of The Belle Company and the first clean Langmore in five generations.

If only there was some kind of gold plate for it. Oh hell, she could buy one.

Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) – who also has a backbone – finds a way to put Claire back into a five-year drug supply deal with the cartel and donate $150 million to the Byrde Foundation, plus stock to Camilla V. Shaw Medical.

However, the loss of Belle remains a pressing issue for the Byrds as they need her to launder the money of Navarro, who has also raised his extradition plans from months to days.

It’s a taboo for Ruth, who insists on running a legitimate company. So what does Byrdees do? Draft another plan over the quicksand foundation of the half-built plans.

After the strike on Navarro, the FBI stated that if he dies, they will be happy for Marty (Jason Bateman) to run the cartel to maintain the drug seizures.



Of course it won’t work for Byrds, but this gives Wendy a cunning idea: kill Navarro and replace him with his sister. Camila agrees that she is still in pain about her son.

Despite Wendy’s conspicuous black spirit, her ferocious, distorted love for her children means all of that doesn’t matter unless she gets them back.

Where might you be wondering? Well, in the midst of her father’s life-and-death chaos – after learning that she’s ordered the beating of her brother Ben (Tom Belfry) she forces Charlotte (Sofia Hoblitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gartner) away with him.

The already charged news provokes Wendy to commit herself and refuse to leave the establishment until Marty forces her to return.

Marty – already with his hands full – delegates the task to Ruth by threatening to tell Camilla the truth about his death. She agrees and asks Jonah and Charlotte to see the truth about their vile drunken grandfather whose real goal was to cause Wendy’s heartbreak and embarrassment.

Skylar Gertner, Sophia Hoplitz, Ozark, Season 4 Part 2


Charlotte and Juna argue with Wendy, who admits that she was trying to control them. She explains (in these very important words):

“Your father and I have been trying to build something for all of us, and I promise I won’t put you down inside of it.”

Feeling the Emoshes, well, emotionally as Byrds feels, they come forward and agree to be reunited as a family.

This heart-to-heart touching is followed by a car accident scene. You remember, Flash Four is early in the season. Sam Cooke plays on the stereo and then bam! Byrds Journey.

It turns out that it was just a symbol of life’s unpredictability as they all escape unscathed and ready to dance the night away at a Belle-Byrde Foundation event later that evening.

Everything seems to be going incredibly well. The Byrds are on their way home to get out of the drug trade, after handing the reins of Missouri Bill’s laundry to Ruth and Rachel (Jordana Spiro)—yes, she’s back. Legally, of course – Roth’s clean record can’t be tarnished – the FBI also gave her the go-ahead, in the guise of a cooperating witness.

But this will not be Ozark If there are no more twists and turns.

Veronica Falcone as Camila Elizondro, Ozark, Season 4, Part 2


In fundraising for the foundation, Camilla realizes that Byrdis and Claire know more about her son’s death than they let them in. Especially after she finds out her brother wasn’t responsible (she still proceeds to kill him and take over his business, which is kind of brother’s bad behavior).

The Byrds remained calm and sycophant, but little mention of an unexplained death and Claire spills the beans that Ruth was responsible.

Camilla asks her followers to kill the Byrdie children if Ruth is warned of what is coming. Despite their apparent suffering – even Wendy was by her side – they kept their cool and carried on while Camilla shot the formidable Ruth Langmore on the side of the road.

A bitter end to their pseudo-dysfunctional family relationship. This note sounds heavy throughout the final chapter of Ozarkbut in fact Ozark Fashion There is one last point for Byrds.

Ben Ozark


Remember Mel Satim (Adam Rothenberg), the disgraced cop-turned-principal researcher who was eager to prove that Byrdees killed Ben?

Wendy and Marty pulled the leads to get him back on his job as a cop in exchange for dropping Ben’s case. He agreed at first, but his moral compass seemed to continue to climb north.

He returns to Missouri and confronts Byrds with evidence that Ben is dead and not missing (the damn cookie jar full of ashes!).

The Byrds rely on the fail-safe bribery tactic but this time it can’t be bought.

The delicate House of Cards is about to fall apart when Jonah whips a pistol and shoots Mel dead.

Yes, officially young Jonah Byrdie, who abhors this life (except when he keeps Roth’s books on money laundering) takes Mel out and seals his fate.

Just as Wendy finally abandons him, giving him and Charlotte freedom, his murderous deed traps him in the life trap she wanted to save him from.

Marty and Wendy Birdie may have achieved the freedom they sought, but this act is a reminder that their misdeeds have affected and continue to affect what they value above all else: their children.

We think they call it poetic justice.

Ozark Available now on Netflix.

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