Sean McVeigh surprised by Cole Strange’s choice, but the Patriots didn’t think he’d last long – ProFootballTalk 2022-04-29 06:27:00


NFL: April 28, 2022 Draft

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Rams coach Sean McVeigh didn’t have a first-round pick of his own to discuss during Thursday night’s press conference, but he’s been keeping an eye on what other teams are doing which led to an immediate reaction to the Patriots’ pick at #29.

Bates picked guard Cole String and McVeigh responded with a surprise. The rams saidwasted our time They watch him, thinking he’ll be at 104″ when they made their first pick this year. There were plenty of others who were surprised to see UT-Chattanooga producer come off the board at that point, but Patriots coach Bill Belichick disagreed with that assessment.

Belichick said in his private press conference that Strange “wouldn’t have lasted much longer” and that the team might have taken him to 21st if they hadn’t traded that pick with the Chiefs for picks 29, 94 and 121.

“Yeah, well, if we stay at 21, obviously we picked someone,” Belichick said. “Maybe it was a good opportunity for him. I don’t know, there were several teams we talked to before the deal was done. There were some other conversations going on, but in the end this is who we picked. Cole was happy there when we picked, and like I said, I feel like we’ve taken Best possible decision at age 21”

Strange isn’t the Patriots’ first draft to elicit reactions of disbelief, but outside reviews were of little interest to Belichick and Strange will get every chance to prove his worth on the field.