Sean McVeigh says video of him laughing at the Patriots project selection was ‘misunderstood’ 2022-04-30 11:34:06


Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay wasn’t laughing at me New England PatriotsFirst round draft. Was… ah.. laughing with them? McVeigh tried to illustrate a segment in which he laughed audibly upon hearing that the Patriots took guard Cole Strange in the first round on Thursday.

McVeigh and Rams General Manager Les Snead were in the middle of a press conference when the Patriots were selected. Both men were videotaped reacting to the casting. McVeigh seemed surprised by the choice, saying, “We wasted our time watching it thinking it would be 104, maybe.” Then Laughed aloud.

The clip made it appear that McVay wasn’t a big fan of Strange’s choice. It also looked as if McVeigh was shooting a shot at Patriots coach Bill Belichick to get to the pick.

That was not the case, McVeigh said on Friday. In fact, McVeigh said It means the exact opposite With his commentary, in the Pro Football Talk.

“I hope it isn’t misunderstood,” McVeigh said. “It was more of a reflection, I was actually giving me some, you know, a hard time because when we started watching it, I think we both agreed, there’s no way he’s going to be there because we love the player so much. If there was anyone I had more respect for the coach. Belichick, what he’s done more than me, I’d like to see, because I have great respect for this profession, for players who play at this level, and I would never want Cole String or the Patriots to be misunderstood for anything but respect for the player. That was my reaction and any misunderstanding My fault was for the way I might have reported it.”

McVay claimed he was laughing at the fact that he and Snead liked Strange, but they knew it would be hard to get when their first choice came. The Rams’ closest pick was 104th overall, at the end of the third round. The Rams made an offensive line man with this choice, choosing Logan Bruce of Wisconsin.

Was Sean McVeigh Really Laughing At The Patriots Project Choice?

We’ll never know what McVeigh meant with his comment and laughter. However, his logic remains. It is plausible that the Rams liked Strange and felt he could go on until the 104th pick. Seeing Strange go early, McVay may have felt he was being beaten by Belichick. Alternatively, Belichick’s selection may have assured McVay and Snead that their assessment of Strange was correct. McVeigh may have laughed as a way of saying, “Well, we were right about the player, but there’s nothing we can do about it now.”

Or maybe McVeigh thought it was a big overdraft and Belichick made a terrible mistake. You can read the clip in many different ways and still never find out about McVay’s true intentions.

Sean McVeigh with the rams.

Sean McVeigh attempts to clarify his comments about the Patriots’ draft pick. (Photo by Catelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)