Sean McVeigh addresses a viral video of him laughing at the Patriots’ first-round pick 2022-04-30 07:17:44


shortly after New England Patriots He made the surprising decision to enlist Chattanooga’s offensive lineman Cole String in the first round, a video appeared appear Los Angeles rams Head coach Sean McVeigh and general manager Les Snead have reacted to the selection. The two men seemed surprised by the choice.

“UT-Chattanooga to the first round,” Snead said of the selection.

“How about that,” McVeigh added. “And we wasted our time watching him think he’ll be 104 maybe.”

The backlash caused some controversy, with some seeing McVeigh’s remarks in particular as slight towards the Patriots and the 29th overall pick in the draft. However, the Rams coach has since spoken out about the issue, claiming that his statements have been misinterpreted.

“Hope it wasn’t misunderstood. It was more of a reflection on me, I was actually giving not a hard time because when we started watching it, I think we both agreed, there’s no way he’d be there [at 104] “Because we love the player so much,” he said.

“If there is anyone who respects Coach Belichick and what he has done more than me, I would like to see them because I have great respect for this profession and for the players who play at this level and I would never want to have them misunderstand Cole String or the Patriots organization that anything but respect for the player was. This is my reaction and any misunderstanding was my fault for the way I might have reported it.”

According to Snead, McVeigh has spoken with Bill Belichick, Strange and Patriots coach, since the video came out.