SB Nation responses: Should the 49ers replace Deebo Samuel with anything short of a first-round pick? 2022-04-27 13:02:59


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Deebo Samuel has dominated the discussion for the past week. Unfortunately, he didn’t help himself with the constant posts on social media that contain a lot of words but don’t say anything:

Since Samuel’s trade order, rumors have continued to circulate, but he never dropped any of them.

Wednesday The latest rumors surrounding Debo Expect to trade with the New York Jets. Everyone has a source or an idea of ​​what the potential show for the Family of Niners will look like.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network said: Timing may be an issue for Deebo trading:

The timing here is really interesting and that becomes one of the most important factors. If the team were to get a deal, they would want to have Deebo Samuel in their building to pass a physical contract and would need a new contract to be paid among the highest-paid recipients in the NFL.

Time is running out to make a deal. I don’t understand now that there is any movement towards trade. One phone call can change it. I’m just saying, for now, I don’t feel like anything is imminent.

Expect this to change by the hour. As Rap Shit said, all it takes is one phone call.

So, in today’s SB Nation Reacts survey, the question is simple. Should the 49ers replace Deebo for anything less than a first-round pick? We’ve seen shows that include many second rounds that have extra picks on day three, but is that enough in exchange for the guy who insulted you in the second half of the season?

The simple answer is no. As for me, I want to pick No. 10, as well as the second-rounder for the Jets And Widely Elijah Moore in contrast. If you are in San Francisco, you own all the cards and leverage. You have no reason to convey Samuel for anything less than a “godfather” type expulsion.

What deal would make you pull the trigger in a trade?

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