Satellite images show military dolphin hangars at a major Russian naval base in Sevastopol 2022-04-27 22:42:29


  • Military pens of dolphins are seen in satellite images of a Russian naval base.
  • Animals in military marine mammal programs are trained to spot enemy swimmers and sea mines.
  • Dolphins can thwart Ukrainian special operations trying to sabotage Russian warships.

Satellite images taken by Maxar Technologies show two pens containing trained dolphins of the Russian Navy in the port of Sevastopol, Crimea, a major port on the Black Sea.

Russia posted Military dolphins To protect its naval base in the Black Sea by thwarting Ukrainian naval operations aimed at sabotaging Russian warships, USNI News, a news and analysis website by the US Naval Institute, mentioned.

According to the report, the pens were transferred to the naval base in February after the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine.

USNI News reports that the Russian Navy has operated a marine mammal training program in Sevastopol since the Cold War, transferring units to the Ukrainian Armed Forces after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Russia retook units after annexing Crimea in 2014 and has expanded operations since then , according to the report.

Animals in marine mammal programs — from dolphins and beluga whales to sea lions and seals — are trained to find enemy combat swimmers and detect bottom and moored mines, according to the Hi Suttonan expert in submarine and subsurface systems who first mentioned On the pens of dolphins in Sevastopol.

Four countries are known to operate such military programs, including the United States, Russia, Israel and North Korea, according to Sutton.