San Jose police officer Dijon Packer dies linked to ‘drug abuse’ 2022-04-30 17:50:18


The San Jose Police Department revealed Saturday that rookie San Jose police officer Dejon Packer died last month of “drug use.”

Packer, 24, A The former runs backward With the San Jose State University football team, he was Found dead in his house In Milpitas on March 13th.

Packer died of fentanyl poisoning, the Santa Clara County medical examiner told KTVU.

Police Chief Anthony Matta said he did not approve of drug use by a police officer.

“This behavior is not something we condone, and we will continue to assist Milpitas PD in their investigation,” the statement said.

In an effort to prevent drug abuse, the SJPD She said she has services available for her officers who may need help dealing with the traumatic experiences they experience on duty.

“We have to be mindful of the fact that we are not immune to the issues that plague society, in this case drug abuse,” Mata’s statement said. “As human beings, we’re not perfect, and mistakes will be made. Officers’ health is the top priority at our agency.”

The department also said it has a strict policy against drug use by police officers.

“Any allegation of illegal drug use by a San Jose police officer is alarming,” Mata’s letter said, “There are no free passes for police officers, and we will not make excuses. When an officer violates public trust, on duty or off duty I will hold them accountable.”