Sale of Sunset’s Kristen Quinn could face ‘legal issues’ over alleged bribery in season 5, according to Co-Star 2022-04-30 10:24:16


In the Season 5 is full of drama from sunset saleMany new allegations, allusions, and repercussions have been thrown by the real estate agents of the Oppenheim Group. Emma Hernan shared that actor Ben Affleck not only matched her on Raya dating app at one point, but also followed her up — prompting Reply from Affleck same and A bit of clarification by Hernan at recent days. Another scandalous story saw Hernan accusing Kristen Quinn for allegedly bribing one of her clients to switch allegiances. And apparently, Quinn could have had serious “legal issues” regarding the situation, according to another star, if he had gone a little further.

Apparently, Kristen Quinn had offered the client in question $5,000 to change his casting choice from Emma Hernan to herself. When moderator Jason Oppenheim and newly appointed Vice President Mary Fitzgerald were brought to the attention, it appeared Quinn would have received a stern reprimand of some sort – but she never attended the meeting during the end of Season 5. There has been no talk of the authorities being involved since then either. However, Fitzgerald explained H! News Things would have escalated back then if other factors had been a little different. She said ,

If Emma had already signed the listing agreement, which she was preparing for, it would be illegal. So [Christine] She will lose her license, she will lose everything. But fortunately, the listing agreement for this particular property has not yet been signed. Otherwise, she will have legal problems.