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Russia has not demonstrated highly sophisticated or destructive cyber attacks, and Ukraine is able to resist attempts to hack its infrastructure, according to a senior Ukrainian cyber official.

“It is possible that Russian cyber offensive operations have reached their full potential and we believe that the international community will be able to keep them in a stalemate,” Viktor Zora, deputy head of the Ukrainian State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, told reporters on Wednesday.

“They haven’t done anything special in those two months,” he said, referring to Russian hackers. He added that sophisticated cyber attacks take months to plan and Russia cannot “expand its cyber warriors”.

Mr. Zura said that the number of attempted cyber-attacks and scanning of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, a step hackers take to identify security flaws, has tripled since the start of the war, compared to the same period in 2021. He added that Russian hackers are trying to penetrate the telecommunications and energy sector and could continue to targeting those industries.

“We should not underestimate the Russian hackers, but perhaps we should not overestimate their potential because their potential is not growing now,” he said.

Mr. Zura said countries need to cooperate to defend against Russian cybersecurity measures. He said one way to curb Russia’s cyber capabilities is through sanctions that limit the technology available there.

Spending on information technology in Russia is It is expected to drop 39% this yearAccording to researcher International Data Corp. The global trade sanctions imposed by the invasion of Ukraine took their toll. Tech giants including Microsoft company , Amazon Web Services, Inc. and the alphabet Google subsidiary Google Cloud said it will suspend new sales or accept new customers in Russia.

Ukrainian officials said this month that they Stop a cyber attack on an electric company That used code similar to the malware known as Industroyer, which was used in the December 2016 attack on Ukraine’s power grid. Ukrainian officials said the hacker group Sandworm was behind the attack. The United States has linked the sandworm to the Russian army, which Russia has consistently denied.