Rob Kardashian: Chyna hit me with a pole, pulled the gun on me 2022-04-27 22:49:11


Rob Kardashian testified on Wednesday that his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna subjected him to abuse throughout their relationship, including hitting him in the face and back with a metal pole, wrapping an iPhone wire around his neck, and pulling a gun on him twice during an argument. In December 2016. Chyna sued the Kardashian family for losing millions in profits, alleging that they used their power to destroy her reputation and get her TV show, Rob and Chynacanned; When Chyna’s lawyer asked why the alleged assault resulted in no bruising, an exasperated Kardashian said, “She was on cocaine and alcohol…just because I don’t have signs doesn’t mean it’s not true. Stop posting that there! It’s not fair.” He also claimed that he only proposed to Chyna for publicity and that photos of them looking happy at dinner shortly after the fight were fake. Kim Kardashian claimed Wednesday That script for a producer, looks like she’s threatening to stop filming keeping up with the Kardashians If Chyna’s show wasn’t pulled, it was misquoted because she most likely voted for it.

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