Road Trip collects funds to send care packages to deployed forces 2022-04-29 19:03:55


HAGERSTOWN, Maryland – A road trip is raising funds to send out monthly care packages to deployed service members.

The road trip was organized by JDogwhich is a partnership with red And Soldiers Angelsan organization that provides assistance to military personnel, veterans, and their families.

On Thursday, the group traveled to Hagerstown in style in a custom-wrapped red BMW to raise awareness and elicit donations.

The tour began in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and traveled through Maryland, and ended again in Pennsylvania.

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JDog Brands CEO and veteran Jerry Flanagan said, “I think we as Americans go on with our lives every day without realizing that there are forces that are constantly deploying every week. It only gets a spotlight when there is war or invasion, but for the past 70 years, it has spread Forces around the world to protect and protect us.”

The last leg of the tour ended in Philadelphia. Fundraising will continue throughout the month of May.

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