Rioter turns Oath Keepers Boss on crying hearing 2022-04-29 12:50:39


A member of the Authcaters accused of sedition in the January 6 riots pleaded guilty Friday and agreed to cooperate with the feds in their investigations. Reportedly, Brian Ulrich, 44, was in tears when he pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy and obstruction of official action, which could lead to up to seven years in prison. As part of the agreement, Ulrich said he would sit down With federal investigators specifically pointing the finger at Oath Keepers chief Stewart Rhodes as having a role in a plot to stop President Joe Biden’s testimony. According to court documents, Ulrich sent a letter to the Oath Keeper leadership before the riots: “Anyone can tell me if I’m crazy but I plan on getting a backpack for regular use and then a separate backpack with my ammo loaded with some basics as I can.” [just] switch to is [sic] Shit really fan blades. I’ll be the guy to run with budget AR.”

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