Rihanna cheers A$AP Rocky backstage during his first performance since his arrest 2022-05-01 08:59:44


Rihanna was recently seen cheering her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, who took to stage at the Smokers Club Festival in West Hollywood on Saturday night – his first performance since his arrest on a gun charge.

The umbrella The singer, 34, was seen just weeks away from welcoming her first child with the rapper, cheering Rocky backstage.

The Diamond Kroner was smiling and embracing her flowering bump. She wore a long dress and coat all night.

Meanwhile, 33-year-old rapper Rakim Athilaston Myers ignited the stage with his rousing performance. He wore a white consultant shirt and black tracksuits with chain-print details.

This was the first time praise the Lord The rapper took to the stage after his recent arrest in Los Angeles.

He was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department in connection with the November 2021 shooting in Hollywood.