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DALTON, GA – The top Republican challenger to Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (Republic, Georgia) in next month’s party primaries has stood before Dalton’s business leaders in an effort to contrast the incumbent and win their support.

“Georgia deserves a serious actor,” health care manager Jennifer Strahan told the audience at Cyra’s Restaurant. “It’s about public service. It’s not about being a celebrity on social media. It’s not about chasing clicks or chasing likes.”

In the region, the center of the American carpet and flooring industry, many voters embrace Ms. Green’s provocative style, as well as her skepticism about vaccines and her false assertions that the 2020 election was rigged. But some Republicans, led by the business community, are turning to Ms Strahan as a long-term but reasonable alternative The well-known Mrs. Green with deep pocketsfrustrated at what they see as the legislature’s lack of interest in the boycott’s needs.

“Marjorie Taylor Green’s approach is just a rebel without a cause – it really doesn’t achieve anything,” said TJ Kaikobad, a restaurant owner in Dalton who offered a venue for Ms Strahan’s event earlier this month after supporting Ms Green in 2020.

The race is shaping up as a test of voter allure for the unfiltered and rowdy style that Ms. Green advocates. House primaries are usually low turnout and sometimes unpredictable, and Strahan’s camp aims to create discomfort by wooing disaffected conservatives with Ms. Green, Hispanics who turned out in 2020 and new voters brought in through redistricting. Ms Green says that approach won’t work, noting voters who appreciate her tough politics and her persistent rejection of Beltway’s compliments.

“People in my home in my area are supporting me,” Ms. Green said in an interview. “I don’t get along with Washington’s ways. I’m actually there to voice my district and the things we care about. I’m not there to back down at all.”

Congressional candidate Jennifer Strahan, wearing a jacket, in Dalton, Georgia, recently.


Nicole Crane for The Wall Street Journal

Ms. Green, who did fitness training before engaging in far-right politics, Run for home in 2020 as a strong supporter-

Donald Trump

Conservative and won the runoff with about 57% of the vote. In office, she had regular scraps with both Democrats and Republicans. It has lobbied for the removal of Anthony Fauci, the Covid-19 official, and has introduced resolutions to impeach President Biden.

“She’s saying things that I think I can’t say,” said Sherry Pallis, an activist who attended a Republican Party event in Catoosa County. “I’m going to sit in a chair at home and listen to the TV, and I’m going to say from my seat exactly what you’re saying and thinking.”

But Ms. Green’s approach could also limit her effectiveness as a lawmaker. About a month into her term, the House of Representatives, joined by 11 Republicans, Stripped of the committee’s duties After more details about her previous embrace of the law, other conspiracy theories emerged. This took her out of the process of drafting legislation at the committee level and joining the hearings.

She is also facing an effort by left-leaning activists to exclude her from the ballot her speech before January 6, 2021, Capitol riots. At an administrative hearing Friday in Georgia, she said she encouraged her supporters to come to Washington but did not condone the violence. In text messages released by CNN, she urged Mr. Trump’s chief of staff to “tell the president to calm people down. This is not the way to solve anything.”

Limited polling shows Ms Green in a strong position heading into the May 24 primary, which is open to voters from any party, and a candidate must win 50% plus one vote to win outright and avoid a runoff. Mrs. Greene aroused Federal data shows $8.4 million for its own campaign in this cycle, placing it in the top ten of all lawmakers in the House.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green testified Friday that she was unaware of any attempt to prevent illegal endorsement of President Biden’s January 6, 2021 victory. Greene testified in a lawsuit seeking to disqualify her from running for re-election. Photo: John Bazemore/AP

Ms. Green has spent more on postage and delivery than the $322,625 that Ms Strahan raised in the entire campaign through March, although Ms. Strahan’s efforts will be complemented by ViewPac, a super PAC group that promotes what she calls women Successful and serious republicans, who booked $200,000 in digital sponsored ads. The other Republicans in the race were raised much less.

Democrat Marcus Flowers has raised $7 million fueled by Democrats across the country eager to oust Ms. Green. If he wins his party’s primaries, he is seen as facing an uphill battle in the November general election in the highly populated GOP district.

Critics in the business community say Ms. Green has not actively pushed for local interests on issues such as infrastructure and trade. More than 85% of carpet and rug production in the United States is generated by mills that are located within a 65-mile radius of Dalton, and generate an estimated $8 billion in economic activity, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute trade association.

“Our current member of parliament doesn’t really care about our issues,” said Harlan Stone, CEO of HMTX Industries, a vinyl flooring importer with warehouses and other operations in the area.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green in Washington last year.


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Mr. Stone said that the business suffered when the process of removing some products from Tariffs in the Trump Administration In China in 2020. Now, the CEO is focusing on a tariff-related clause in a pending competitive bill between the United States and China. He said Ms. Green had not met him or his managers, unlike the Republican who previously held the seat, Representative Tom Greaves, who declined to run two years ago. Mr. Stone made a donation to Ms. Strahan’s campaign last month.

Also endorsed by many business leaders Biden’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure ActThe carpet industry truck network relies on reliable roads and ports. Ms. Green, like most House Republicans, voted against the deal. But she called the 13 Republicans who supported the bill with traitors and tweeted their phone numbers, angering their colleagues. Nor did Ms. Green ask for special money for her district after Congress reinstated the appropriations in annual spending bills.

In Dalton, Mayor David Pennington said his priority is money to reduce stormwater runoff on Interstate 75, and he hopes he can pay for the $8 million project through a grant program funded by the Infrastructure Act. about 56 Bridges in the neighborhoodor 4.2%, is structurally defective, according to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, above the state average.

Ms Green’s office said she would be happy to speak to Mr Pennington about any requests, but was not aware of any communications from him about Project I-75.

Ms Green said she had strong relationships with the business community and that any complaint was due to a majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Ms. Strahan has raised $32,625 for the campaign through March.


Nicole Crane for The Wall Street Journal

“They don’t feel represented by the Republicans because the Democrats are in control,” Ms Green said. “The only thing that bothers them is what Democrats are doing in this country,” he said, citing inflation, rising gasoline prices, and illegal border crossings. Ms Green said that much of her time was spent demanding a vote on names over measures that Democrats had proposed passed by voice vote.

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Vaccines are another stress point. The flooring industry last year launched a campaign to encourage workers to get vaccinated, but rates in the community are still below the national average. Ms. Green questioned the safety of vaccines, and Twitter is permanently suspended Her personal account after falsely claiming that “too large amounts of coronavirus vaccine deaths are being ignored”.

“A lot of people were afraid” of getting vaccinated, said Joe Yarbrough, president of the Carpet and Rug Institute, who donated to Ms Strahan’s campaign earlier this year.

Some small business owners said they continue to support Ms. Green.

Nathan Davis, owner of the Creme Hut restaurant in Chatsworth, Georgia, said he liked the congressman’s positions on issues including gun rights and abortion. “She went to the office and tried to do what she said she was going to do,” he said. “And she can’t because they kicked her out of everything.”

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