Reporter tells Politico they fear fighting Psaki: ‘It makes you look like a pit’ 2022-04-29 11:05:42


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A new piece from Politico offers readers a glimpse into how kind it really is White House Correspondents are the current administration, especially compared to the way they dealt with the current administration.

One dozen quotes from “Friday Reading”, which indicate how “boring” Biden The White House was for reporters, and featured a reporter admitting that it would feel like a “hole” to question White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki with excessive force.

The sympathetic anecdote mentioned how good Psaki was at her job and drew a direct comparison of how professional she was next to Trump’s press secretaries who were destroying “democracy.”

Citing anonymous reporter, White House policy correspondent Max Taney, he wrote: “Jane [Psaki] “She’s very good at her job, which is a pity,” said one reporter who covered the room’s previous two administrations. “And the work is a lot less pointless, because you’re no longer saving Democracy from Sean Spicer and his men’s warehouse suit. Jaws with Jane just make you look like a holeshot.”

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The tone widget hit it trumpBiden’s “panic-seeking and attention-seeking” behavior is over and now the calm and “slowdown” of the Biden White House remains. Thus, there was nothing controversial to deal with.

“The slowing down of the White House strikes is not due to a lack of journalistic talent in the room,” Tani wrote, adding, “Instead, what is happening is fulfilling Biden’s central promise. Running for President against Donald Trump – the most theatrical, attention-grabbing, panic-producing president In living memory – vow to make Washington news boring again.”

Then Tani declared, “Well, mission accomplished, sir.”

Jerry Dunleavy scoffs at Politico's latest article depicting White House reporters highly sympathetic to the Biden administration.

Jerry Dunleavy scoffs at Politico’s latest article depicting White House reporters highly sympathetic to the Biden administration.

DC Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy shared screenshots of the piece with Biden’s sympathetic quotes. Twitter “This is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read,” she wrote.

He tweeted “LOL” in response to Tani’s quote “Mission accomplished,” then commented, “I love the idea that the Washington news is boring when in the first year of Biden’s presidency we had the end of the war in Afghanistan (catastrophic withdrawal, surrender, Taliban takeover, 13 dead from Americans, etc.) and the (potentially world-changing) Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

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In another tweet, Dunleavy wrote, “BTW what good potential reason could there be for Politico to give this reporter anonymity? Also, it’s menswear***, not warehouse. Excellent combination of arrogance and a lack of concern for basic details.” “

news makers Executive Editor Tim Graham mocked Tani for his apparent liberal bias and also noted the correct spelling of men’s clothing in his tweet in response to the story. “Someone is saving @maxwelltani from the liberal media bubble he’s in. Can he breathe in there? But hey, he’s not going to be caught dead in the menswear house.”

Matt Whitlock criticizes Politico's article on media coverage of the White House.

Matt Whitlock criticizes Politico’s article on media coverage of the White House.

Republican communications man Matt Whitlock shared Dunleavy’s tweet, writing: “Washington news isn’t boring..the media is less enthusiastic about bad guys.”