Realme Pad Mini top down with a notepad

Realme mini tablet is the right idea with the wrong implementation 2022-04-30 00:30:14

Realme Pad Mini top down with a notepad


Realme Pad Mini Top Down With Notepad

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

I love small tablets. The form factor makes it uniquely positioned to fill the gap between completely insufficient screen space for a smartphone, and productivity on the portability approach of larger panels. Greatly dominated the space Affordable Tablets Like the Samsung A series and Amazon’s Fire line of tablets, but there’s still plenty of room for turmoil.

In fact, this class is poised for some old-school Chinese upheaval with high-end specs and attractive prices. Or at least that’s what I was hoping for when I got my hands on the Realme Pad Mini a few days ago. Unfortunately, after spending a week with the tablet, it’s clear to me that the Realme Pad Mini is another example of Realme having the right idea but failing to hold onto the landing.

Style is more than substance

Realme Pad Mini next to the Kindle

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

At first glance, the Realme Pad Mini selects several checkboxes. The design is excellent in terms of appearance and quality of materials used. Between the strict tolerances, aluminum build, and adequate bezels, the phone looks quite upscale.

However, the beauty is nothing more than being deep in the skin, and the deficiencies of the tablet are fully apparent as soon as it is turned on. It all starts with the 720p view shown here. Low-resolution screen makes jagged images around icons until far away Obviously, reading content on a tablet isn’t a noticeably better experience either. There’s an easy text handling that’s hard to get used to while budget phones ship with Full HD and higher screens.

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This same smoothness extends to viewing multimedia content from broadcasting services Like Netflix or Prime Video. Moreover, the prominent blue color takes away from the viewing experience. It’s not fun and Realme’s decision to cut corners on the screen, the cornerstone of a product like this, is like shooting it in the foot. A premium screen is the mainstay of a great tablet experience, and Realme’s failure to deliver makes the rest of the user experience, frankly, immaterial. At least you get great stereo speakers to complete the lackluster multimedia package.

Incomplete software experience

Realme Pad Mini in hand to watch Netflix

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

While the poor display itself would be a deal breaker for most people, there isn’t much in the way of software quality either. Realme’s claims of building an optimized software experience for tablets are backing down. What you get is basically a purchase close to Android with software clearly designed for the phone. This is in sharp contrast to MIUI On the competing Xiaomi Pad 5, the company has made meaningful additions like a fixed dock or intuitive multitasking capabilities.

The Realme Pad Mini is more of a bulky phone than a small tablet.

But what makes matters worse is the overall lack of improvement. It’s something I’ve noticed in a range Realme ecosystem products, outside of smartphones as well.

I just spent a week integrating Realme Pad Mini into my workflow. From reading late at night to watching the new season of Ozark, and keeping tabs on social media, Realme usually gets the job done, but not always. However, do not outgrow it once. Between random crashes, while watching Netflix, to flickering while navigating the interface, I shudder when I think about how the Unisoc processor will hold up after a few months of use. It certainly doesn’t hold up well for gaming even today.

Perhaps the only saving grace here is the perfect battery life. The battery drained twice in a week of heavy use and after a few hours of charging the 6400mAh battery was ready to go again.

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Realme Pad Mini: All the Right Ideas, None of the Execution

Realme Pad Mini next to the pen

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

I’m the perfect customer for a small tablet, and I really wanted to love the Realme Pad Mini. for me iPad Air Too big to carry unless I’m carrying a bag, and I often find myself needing more screen real estate than my phone can handle. Realme Pad Mini could easily have filled that void. However, as it stands, Realme Pad Mini simply fails on most fronts, like Realme’s The tablet’s first outing is equally disappointing.

Realme’s inability to stick to its own ecosystem products is starting to become a recurring topic.

Realme’s mini tablet has all the right ideas to balance an affordable feature set with a great price, but it’s the execution that really matters. Although the price is fairly reasonable at 10,999 rupees (~$143), there are a few valuables that we would recommend.

Realme Pad Mini plays music

realme pad mini

Realme Pad Mini combines an 8.7-inch display and an entry-level processor to deliver a compact tablet experience at an affordable price.

Realme Pad Mini doesn’t really offer anything unique. If a content consuming machine is what you want, you should probably opt for a tablet with a larger screen. If reading was a priority while designing a tablet, Realme could and should try to imitate a file ipad mini4:3 aspect ratio that’s similar to magazines. Perhaps, the tablet could have supported a stylus and served as a great digital notepad. However, in its inability to do any such thing, you have to judge the product based on its merits or unfortunate shortcomings. And this is where the below-average display and software optimization make it difficult to recommend the Realme Pad Mini even for the basic task of watching content.

Give this move a jump, your money will be better served elsewhere.

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