Putin may declare war on “Nazis in the world” on “Victory Day:” British official 2022-04-29 12:18:39


British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Thursday that Russia may declare war on “the Nazis of the world” on D-Day – an annual Russian celebration of the end of World War II on May 9.

UK defense officials Said earlier this month That Russia “probably wants to show” significant military success before the holiday.

Wallace made the remarks during an appearance on LBC Radio Thursday. During the program, host Nick Ferrari asked about the upcoming vacation.

“We’re nine or ten days away from what’s usually the day of the big show? How about planning them, how do you imagine they’re going to refer to the Ukraine war in ten days?”

“Well, I think we’ve seen a number of statements from Putin recently about ‘This has become a war, this is a proxy war and it is not … Nazis are basically everywhere. It’s not just in Ukraine and NATO is full of Nazis.’”

And I think what he would do was he would move on from his ‘special operation’… and he was paving the way for him to be able to say ‘Look, this is now a war against the Nazis’ and what I need is more people, I need more Russian cannon fuel basically.”

Wallace added that he had “no information on this,” but said that Putin “is likely to announce on this May Day that we are now at war with the Nazis in the world and that we need mass mobilization of the Russian people.”

Putin may declare war on
A British defense official said on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin may declare war on the “Nazis of the world” next month. Above, Putin speaks during the House of Representatives at Taurid Palace, on April 27, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

“And it is indeed a pathetic attempt to cover up the fact that his generals have already sent thousands of men to their deaths because of their own incompetence, arrogance, and arrogance.”

In the days before that, Russia issued threat statements to NATO. In a speech on Wednesday, Putin said that those who interfere in Russia’s actions in Ukraine and create “unacceptable threats to us of a strategic nature” will be met with a “lightning fast” response.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that “NATO will go to war with Russia through a proxy and arm that proxy.”

On Friday, a NATO official Be warned that it may take years Before the end of the war in Ukraine.

“It is clear that the next few days and weeks may be decisive, but the war will probably take longer,” said NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Gewan. “It could be weeks, it could be months, it could be years – it depends on a lot of factors.”

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